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The Green Inferno
USA, Chile
Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Eli Roth
Sky Ferreira as Kaycee
Antonieta Pari as The Village Elder
Aaron Burns as Jonah
Sally Rose as Teacher
Matías López as Carlos
Ramón Llao as The Bald Headhunter
Ariel Levy as Alejandro
Lorenza Izzo as Justine
Daryl Sabara as Lars
Magda Apanowicz as Samantha
Richard Burgi as Charles
Storyline: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.
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The green garbage
Just awful that's all I can say about this movie. I had high hopes with Roths favorite movie being the Great Cannibal Holocast. He should not have been allowed the use the old working title. The plot was OK I guess but the acting was total garbage, with one good gore scene (first death). After that it's all down hill and very predictable to the point of stupidity! We all knew the necklace was going to save her. I saw a saving grace possible at the end when the military was gunning down the cannibals she should have been mistaken for one of them and killed!! Way better ending to a horrible disgrace of a movie with about as much intelligence as a rock. I can't waste any more time on this -1 of 10 movie.

Thanks for your time EMK
Idiots eaten by cannibals
Amazing vistas shot Kubrick-like (Think The Shining) are sharp in perfect HD 4k, dizzyingly beautiful forests lay the path ahead – wonderful as a bloody tribesman's foot crosses the view.

Cut to a college in the USA.

Now, this hi-def is great for seeing leaves on trees in the forest and fleshy, bloody gore, but not so great when used on actors with little to no makeup and without any kind of filter or lens – it seems an oversight until you wonder if it had been Roth's intention.

Because here he uses horribly behaved ugly-skinned teens-rude, sullen and hysterical -even using the drugged-up Sky Ferreira as UC roommate Kaycee, obviously way high on screen, to spoiled Daddy's girl, our heroine Justine (Lorenza Izzo) . Slobbering on greasy pizza and stropping through lectures with cold sores, bad hair, peeling zits and huge inverse entitlement, the script is as poor as the characterization as a group of misguided students decides to take on the loggers in Peru, led by the completely narcissistic Alejandro (Ariel Levy), who Justine kind of takes a fancy to despite him being a huge idiot and having a girlfriend who is a complete bitch.

Despite this, and egged on by a female circumcision video in class (yes, this movie really does go there) Justine decides to take up a place on the latest planned "direct action".

It takes Green Lantern over thirty-five minutes to hit the Peruvian jungle, literally. You'll see. Poor lines with more ham than a pig sandwich add to the jawing discomfort. If this discomfort at the sight and sound of these awful college students is intentional, then Roth is a genius. If not then he's a hack. And I don't know which right now. I know it's a horror trope to hate most of the cast before they start dying – The Descent is a great example of a bunch of stupid people doing exceptionally dumb stuff to end up in peril. So now we can visualize the act heading, written on a matchbook, "Rich idiots get eaten by cannibals".

And when the promised cannibal action hits, it's predictable theater, reminiscent but only a third generation faded Xerox of Cannibal Holocaust or Apocalypto. There's nothing groundbreaking in the choreography of scenes, nothing peerless. Every part of the piece seems to be a nod to something else, much like the Grindhouse/Death Proof/Planet Terror projects from Rodriguez/Tarantino that Roth was part of some years back. It's just a little too steeped in its predecessors to come off as anything peerless.

When Roth does attempt some groundbreaking it is by going cruelly further than necessary; for example I'm not sure I ever wanted to see sharp objects going up girls parts ever, let alone for entertainment, let alone on the massive screen.

There is little tension because we know Roth will go the full way most times. When he doesn't, it seems bland for some reason. There are more indirect ways he creates a narrative – storytelling from offscreen regarding one death is interesting, as the victim's tattoos become Ed Gein-esque play for the native kids. And there's some cooking detail that adds texture. But it needed more, earlier.

This movie is not fun. It leaves an icky feeling all over you in many ways; the bad actors, the terrifyingly abandoned setting, the direction given as relentless pain and unhidden messages. It's too much. And if Roth, like Noe, for example, hoped to cause real discomfort he succeeds.

The instruments he uses to do this are crude and too obviously on point. I am not sure if all this secondary cerebral effect Roth has created is by accident or design. Anyway round, you will still be thinking about this movie for days after you allow it into your brain. If you dare.
Doesn't deliver the shock that the film that inspired it could...
I'm sure Eli Roth fans loved this film but I was kinda bored with it.

The performances from Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy and Aaron Burs (and all the numerous extras) are decent but too much of the supporting cast is forgettable or awful in their roles—of course, this might not be a lack of talent from the actor but due to how poorly written and developed there are. So many characters are defined either by just their name or a single defining attribute that will eventually be accredited to them as the film rolls by. However, despite this, I did dig the visuals, its throwback feel to the cannibal films of the 70s and the amazing practical effects by Greg Nicotero.

"The Green Inferno" had the potential to live up to its predecessors like "Cannibal Holocaust" but falls really short of it due to a weak plot and some dark humor gags that fell flat. This film clearly wants to shock you but doesn't come off as horrific as the films that inspired it. Add in the fact that you can see things almost as equally bloody on regular television doesn't help the shock-factor of this one. Overall, the film has its merits but just not enough of them for me to really enjoy it.
Can't Match the Films It Tries to Pay Homage To
The Green Inferno (2013)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

A group of college students decide to head to South America where they're going to protest some developers who are damaging the rain forest and threatening a tribe that has lived there for thousands of years. Their plan doesn't quite work when their plane crashes in the jungle and soon the survivors have the unlucky fate of being served up for dinner.

Eli Roth's homage to the Italian cannibal movies of the 70s and early 80s is a rather mixed bag. After the movie was over I really didn't know what to think about it because there had been so much hype built around it. For the most part I don't think the film lived up to the hype but this is going to depend on your knowledge of the genre. If you have no idea what CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, EATEN ALIVE and CANNIBAL FEROX are then there's a great chance that you're going to be shocked and horrified at what you see here. If you're familiar with those films then you're going to see THE GREEN INFERNO as a watered down American film.

Again, it's really hard to judge this movie but I'm overly familiar with the Italian cannibal movies so let me get that out of the way. I think this film is going to shock, outrage and gross out the majority of the people who watch it as there's no question that this contains some of the most graphic and goriest violence that has ever been in an American film that had to go in front of the MPAA. How this got a R-rating is rather shocking in itself and it really makes you laugh when you watch something like this and think at one point something like SCREAM had to be cut to avoid a NC-17 rating. Again, the gore effects are rather great with many practical effects that are quite effective. The gore and violence, again, will shock most people.

With that said, if you're familiar with the brutal films in the genre then you're not going to blink an eye here. There's really nothing shocking, outrageous or too graphic if you're familiar with the films that I mentioned before. This movie certainly doesn't have the animal violence but it also doesn't have the graphic rape, mutilations or any of the infamous moments from those films. You'd think that this homage would wink at those movies and their graphic moments but the film doesn't even try. This just gives the movie an overall watered down feel that fans of the genre are going to notice and especially when you consider that there's not even any real nudity in the picture. If you can't show nudity then you know certain elements of violence aren't going to be shown.

I think another disappointing thing is that the jungle settings really aren't used. Those Italian movies worked so well because you could enjoy them as adventure stories but that's not the case here. I will say that the build-up was a lot more entertaining than I expected it to be because the violence doesn't happen until the last portion of the movie. The performances are certainly better than you'd expect with Lorenza Izzo making for a good and likable lead. The story itself is okay with some sly humor thrown in at times but then again there are some really stupid moments. There's one girl in the cage who gets "sick" and this scene is just downright stupid. There's an incredibly awful jump scare towards the end, which will have you rolling your eyes.

THE GREEN INFERNO is a decent movie but at the same time it doesn't quite live up to all the hype that people have created for it the past couple years.
Gore-hounds will be satisfied, people expecting a good horror movie won't be.
The Green Inferno is a standard Eli Roth fare - gore galore, cannibalism, and occasional humor - set in the Amazon rainforest. The acting is terrible right off the bat, but thankfully it isn't an issue halfway through the movie when the body count starts up. The characters themselves are paper thin, only about 3 of which are given actual personalities while the others are just fodder for the natives.

The premise of the movie is disturbing and will sound appealing to most horror fans, including myself, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, the gore is done very well; as usual Roth uses great practical effects to create some wince-inducing scenes. The problem is that the first half of the movie feels like a student film. Really bad acting, horrific dialogue, and the documentary style filming doesn't help at all. It's not so much an issue once the characters are captured, but you aren't able to get immersed into the world from the get-go so you're never truly frightened or concerned for them when the bloodshed begins.

The biggest issue is that The Green Inferno isn't scary in the slightest. Apart from a cheap jump scare near the end, there's little to no suspense or tension in the movie. It's just a linear storyline with characters getting killed off one by one with very little left to the imagination. It also isn't funny. There's maybe two times I chuckled at the tongue-in-cheek jokes. Most of them come across as forced, partly due to the acting and partly due to the jokes not being very funny. Roth tries for a darker, more disturbing atmosphere and he succeeds, but he sacrificed the potential fun to be had with the film. It's not terrible - Eli Roth fans will get exactly what they're expecting - but it also isn't anything new. The Green Inferno is a decent effort but a wholly mediocre movie watching experience.
I am convinced that Eli Roth is a hack of the highest caliber
This movie could have been something special, and could have been the resurgence of the cannibal horror film many of us have desperately wanted. But leave it to Roth to create a movie about of unlikable SJW assholes who all deserved to die, so why should the rest of us care? The movie starts out uninteresting in its exposition, attempting to set the "scene" where we all know the average do-gooder's purpose; to be immortalized in the annals of history, screw actual social change! The narcissistic mentality is at center stage in the film, and you can tell that Roth was making fun of the idiots who think that it is their job to change the world. Who the F#$k are you to go to another country and tell them what to do with it? Handled by a competent director, it would have made for great satire and social commentary, but Roth has not made anything worth watching since the original Cabin Fever, and even that was forgettable. I just wish he would take a step back and let the real talent take the reigns. Be a producer, or even a writer. But stop directing people. It's just embarrassing at this point.
Mixed bag o' crap
Well, what can I say about this movie? It sucked. And tbh, the movie that "inspired" this one, Cannibal Holocaust, sucked too. It's hyped as being classic horror, but sometimes I think people bestow the "classic" label on anything old these days. That movie was barely watchable and only the last 20 minutes were even remotely interesting. I felt nothing for the characters and was happy to see them all get their well deserved deaths. The theme song was fairly haunting though like most Effed up movies from the 70s early 80s but that's just about the only memorable thing about it.

However, that is still more than I can say for The Green Inferno which is a movie that you will see, be mildly entertained, and then forget. The only thing you may remember is how horribly acted this film was. I get why directors use unknowns, but at least use unknowns who can act. The acting was so wooden you could chop it up and keep your house warm for an entire winter. Maybe two.

I hated every single character in this film too and felt nothing but LOLs when they met their demise. I was hoping "Kaycee" who was the only smart character apart from "Amy" who decided to take herself out of the equation before the Pygmies could get to her, would decide to go with them at the last minute so she could get killed too. Absolute worst actress I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Something tells me a bunch of these actors did porn.

"Check me out! I made a real movie. Never had one acting lesson!"

The hell you say ... *eye roll*

I'm starting to think Eli Roth is on his way to being another M. Night Shamalammadingdong; made a couple of decent movies early in his career and then nothing but pretentious flops. It's like they just stop trying.

I just don't get it. I really don't. Do these people WANT to be seen as washed-up hacks? Eli Roth IS talented and this movie could have blown the original out of the water. It's like once these entertainers become famous and successful they lose that fire in their bellies and their movies/music/performances etc. amount to little more than a disappointing waste of time.

I gave this movie 4 stars because I didn't look at my phone the entire time the movie was on; I didn't want to miss the wildly unlikable characters getting the chop.

I'm probably going to watch knock-knock too despite it having terrible reviews as well. Morbid curiosity motivates me to see if that movie is as bad as this one. I'm sure I'm going to be gifted with more horribly wooden acting since Keanu Reeves is starring in it.

Speaking of "wood", Eli Roth clearly has a big one for Lorenza Izzo. If he's going to keep giving her parts because he's banging her the least he could do is pay for some acting lessons.

Don't pay more than a dollar to see this movie.
Roth's best film to date, but unfortunately tops out with only one stand-out scene...
Despite his status as an implicit 'one-trick-pony', relying predominantly on the pandering of low rent, fan boy-run social media- based horror "news" outlets who have continually publicized his plethora of ill-fated projects over the better part of a decade, Eli Roth actually managed to complete something and get it released. And, I'll be damned, I was actually somewhat interested in this latest work as it was a departure from the infantile, jump-scare laden, supernatural toilet waste that passes as 'horror' these days, as far as more 'mainstream' releases go. The idea of a NEW tribal cannibal flick hitting the big screen was inherently appealing to me, regardless of the smug douche hackster gracing the director's chair...

A wanna-be activist chick joins up with some environmentalists who travel to the amazon to ambush a crew of corporate loggers with a live-streaming "cyber" protest. Sh*t doesn't totally go according to plan (or does it?), yet they still manage to avoid getting their heads blown off by the militia. Their victory celebration on board their little plane is cut short by a crash that kills about half of them, leaving the rest to be kidnapped by a tribe of people-eating savages who mistake the do-gooders for the "evil" tree choppers. From there, you pretty much just watch the remaining captives get killed and eaten.

So, once you make it through the slow start, involving inane college kid babble and the botched protest, things actually start looking promising. The petrified group of Americans being herded into the tribal village made for a pretty strong and dire looking scene and the first guy to be gruesomely dismembered alive (after having his eyes and tongue yanked from his head and devoured...) was a delectably brutal bit of carnage, courtesy of some convincing and bloody practical FX work. Then, unfortunately, it's pretty much downhill from there with the remainder of the human livestock sitting in their bamboo cell and hatching their hair brained escape attempts in between idiotic scenes that only a frat boy-minded tard like Eli Roth would think fits into this type of movie. Sh*t like: a guy whacking off amidst bloodshed in order to "keep his mind clear", a chick with cartoonishly explosive diarrhea and getting the tribe high by jamming a bag of weed down the throat of a soon-to-be cooked corpse.

Aside from all this unfunny and out-of-place bullsh*t, the death scenes following the initial dismemberment are quite weak and ineffective. One of them kills herself in the cage. One demise is entirely off-screen and another involves lousy looking CGI bullet ants. That, on top of Roth's insufferable writing and one of the sh*ttiest 'payoffs' I can recall in quite some time, "The Green Inferno" disintegrates quickly into a tragically unremarkable and all-too 'traditional' looking horror flick, encompassing a cast of genre stereotypes. I guess I was hoping for a few less punches pulled in the long-run. Granted, it was a safe bet that animal killing and rape-sprees weren't going to 'fly' as far as a studio film in this day n' age goes, but there was ample opportunity for some dick chopping that never played out! And the topic of female genital mutilation is prevalent, but still never comes to fruition... Again, it all comes down to that one stand-out death scene.

On the flip side, is it better than all the other "Poltergeist/Paranormal Activity" sh*t coming out? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Hell, it's way better than the "Hostel" movies by a long shot and props go out to Roth for at least attempting something like this and pushing as hard as he did to get it released in theaters so I can't bitch too much. I only wish it was more worth the effort and the wait. It's worth checking out for those who appreciate the top dogs of the 'cannibal exploitation' sub-genre, such as "Cannibal Ferox", "Man from Deep River" and, of course, "Cannibal Holocaust". It's nowhere near as raw and visceral as those, but when is the last time you saw a NEW jungle cannibal flick?

On a side note of bonus douchebaggery, Roth decided to include the Twitter handles of the main cast and select crew members along with their credit at the end. Good idea since the popularity of social media sites has never been known to dwindle and accounts are never suspended or deactivated. Way to incorporate that timelessness into your movie, as*hole. Twitter will surely remain eternally relevant.

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If you were hooked (pun, ha ha) on the SAW movies then this film will be a good after meal snack. Yes, it was way overboard meal preparation and surprisingly realistic body snacks (in most cheap slasher/slice/dice films the prosthetics look artificial). Filming and acting were better than expected and sold me. Part of the reason the acting was somewhat capturing was the reality of a tropical Peruvian forest and the gusto in which the novice tribal people took to their roles. End result is nobody (including the eco provocateurs, tribes peoples, deforesters) came away smelling like roses, in fact, I would not have been displeased if, in the end, they were all munched upon by the resident leopard, vanquisher of evil. A couple of picky points that lowered the rating. First, every tribal member (no matter the age) was totally painted in red clay like pigment - all the time; not realistic given the humid conditions and time they would have needed to apply said substance. Second, all the women (and young girls) wore tops to cover their breasts which as we all know about tropical tribes - that just doesn't happen. Third, why would the village attack the construction armed mercenaries in a clearing given their stealth in a forest. Fourth, a lot of gaps foremost was Samantha's escape then we hear nothing more. Supposedly we are suppose to pay attention to tattoos. Suggestion: Watch again, afterwards, with cast commentary as it's more interesting than the film.
Eli Roth returns with an uneven cannibal flick
Eli Roth is a director whose fame certainly goes before him. These days you don't really get many directors unashamedly dedicated to the horror genre like you did in years gone by. I like Eli Roth for this reason and I do find him a somewhat engaging, funny and entertaining guy. On the flip side I would have to say that I have found his output to be somewhat patchy and uneven. And frustratingly sparse at that. The Green Inferno is his first feature film as director since Hostel: Part II from way back in 2007! It's a long time to be out of the game. The question would have to be has he came back in a good way? Well, despite the undoubted promise of the central idea, it's a film that is kind of as frustrating as most of his other work.

The basic idea here is to bring back a type of movie that only really existed briefly over thirty years ago. The cannibal film was a particularly notorious sub-genre. Most of the films got banned here in the UK; some still remain so to this day in their uncut forms. Their combination of graphic violence, sexual assault and real animal killing made them real bad boys of the horror genre. Cannibal Holocaust (1980) is the one film that Roth has mentioned in particular as an influence and for this viewer it is easily one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. Its docudrama, found footage style mixed with a proper mean-spiritedness made it a pretty gruelling film but very well made. The Green Inferno takes a decidedly different approach to its material and it's not always a successful one. Where Holocaust was relentlessly confrontational, Roth's film is often quite jokey. This approach means that the tone overall fluctuates wildly but it definitely dissipates the overall threat posed by the cannibals. The choice of protagonists points to the change immediately in that it centres on a group of eco aware students who travel into the middle of the Amazonian rain-forest to stage a viral protest against some environment destroying workers, needless to say things take a bad turn and they wind up captive by a tribe of cannibals. The very fact that the film centres on a group of students makes this film surely the first cannibal film that doubles up as a teen movie! It's an awkward combination with a pretty ropey script and – the main girl played by Lorenzo Izzo aside - unlikable characters. The social commentary is not so unexpected for this type of movie, as Cannibal Holocaust had that too but it is modernised considerably here – the target is after all viral warriors who are more interested in being famous than for doing the right thing.

So how does it work simply as a horror movie? Well, it certainly has its fair share of gory violence. But it has less impact than it should because of the silly jokey tone that permeates it, even once the students have been captured. Because they aren't taking their situation seriously enough, it's hard for us in the audience to either unfortunately. The on-location photography certainly adds a fair bit it has to be said and the cannibals themselves are quite distinctive too, in particular the more prominent members of the tribe were somewhat creepy. I can't help feeling though that if Roth had reigned in the silly stuff and went full-on with this material with a more disciplined approach then it would have made for a far better film. It feels slightly like a missed opportunity and I am sad to say this as I was really on this one's side and had quite a bit of optimism for it.
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free The Green Inferno download, as 720p to download it in 2013, one of the first Eli Roth Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Sky Ferreira, Antonieta Pari, Aaron Burns, Sally Rose, Matías López, Ignacia Allamand, Ramón Llao, Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez, Lorenza Izzo, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Daryl Sabara, Magda Apanowicz, Richard Burgi, Eusebio Arenas from the movie director Eli Roth 2013 Miami.