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Gladys Hamilton (Seattle) i was told that I can migos The Castle free download, but I did not believe, especially the year 1997 New York. Michael Whitehead (Lexington) Rob Sitch The Castle free download Bluray at high speed, and even in the Australia Cambridge.
The Castle
Drama, Comedy
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Rob Sitch
Eric Bana as Con Petropoulous
Wayne Hope as Wayne Kerrigan
Lynda Gibson as Evonne
Anne Tenney as Sal Kerrigan
Bryan Dawe as Ron Graham
Tiriel Mora as Dennis Denuto
Stephen Curry as Dale Kerrigan
Costas Kilias as Farouk
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Lawrence Hammill
Robyn Nevin as Federal Court Judge
Sophie Lee as Tracey Kerrigan
Michael Caton as Darryl Kerrigan
Anthony Simcoe as Steve Kerrigan
Storyline: A Melbourne family is very happy living where they do, near the Melbourne airport (according to Jane Kennedy, it's "practically their back yard"). However, they are forced to leave their beloved home, by the Government and airport authorities. 'The Castle' is the story of how they fight to remain in their house, taking their case as far as the High Court.
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Special night experiencing "The Castle"
I had the privilege of being able to see a special screening of "The Castle" before it opened to the public in Los Angeles. The creators of "The Castle" spoke briefly before the picture began and gave us a little insight and history. For example, they filmed this movie in 11 days! Talk about long days, I can just imagine!

"The Castle" was so much fun, we all have stories about our parents and this is the kind of movie that reminds you that the quirks that our parents have are what makes them special. A must see for all families. Enjoy!!!!!
Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!
This is a shocking movie. Shocking in the sense that it's centered around a family that genuinely loves each other. It came across as such an odd concept in this day and age that I thought at first that there must be a catch - could the family be cannibals? Zombies? A cult of pagan jaywalkers? But no, they were simply a "family" in absolutely the best sense of the word. The conflict of the movie arises from the fact that the airport bordering their loving home wants to expand and uses some Australian law that grants them the right to buy out their neighbors without the neighbors having any sayso in the matter. Well this just won't do and so the plot is set into motion when the quirky homeowner decides to fight the ruling with his reluctant friend, a probate attorney who is woefully unprepared to take on the big guns in law, but who nonetheless feels obligated to help his friends no matter what the obstacle. Overall the movie has such charm, such style and such love that, by films end, you want to be adopted by the family, quirks and all. An excellent movie.
Funnier than Spinal Tap?
This is undoubtedly one of the funniest films ever made, and needs to be considered alongside This is Spinal Tap for consistent and enduring brilliance. That said, if (as another reviewer has said here) you haven't laughed after 5 minutes, just give up - it isn't for you.

While Tap has muted backhanded affection for heavy rock while simultaneously ripping into its absurdities, The Castle completely LOVES its characters as much as it makes them look utterly ridiculous. The entire cast are superb, there are a hundred quotable lines, and the simple story may seem clichéd, but is nevertheless executed to warm-hearted perfection. A special nod should go to Tiriel Mora as inept solicitor Dennis Denuto, who has the ability to make you cry with laughter on the 10th viewing.

No family has less taste or less of a clue about, well, anything than the Kerrigans. And yet by the end, there is no family you'd rather belong to.

This film, most definitely, is going straight to the pool room.
A funny Aussie film about the laws of eminent domain. (minor spoilers)
I really liked 'The Castle.' It's an Australian production about the dumb, but lovable Kerrigan family. Dale Kerrigan, the youngest, narrates the story of how his dad Darryl, a guy with a heart of gold, saved their home. I don't know why Dale narrated the tale, than say some third party, considering he is really inconsequential to the story.

'The Castle' is so funny because the Kerrigan family is so dumb. But, at the same time, they're idyllic and really sincere to each other. Every night when Darryl's wife serves him dinner, he says to his wife with surprise "this is nice, what do you call it?" "Chicken," she says. "Yeah, but what you've done with it," he marvels. "Seasoning." And Darryl plasters a nice smile across his face, proud of his wife. Honestly, anyone being raised in a household like the Kerrigans, it must do wonders to your self-esteem.

In the introduction, Dale proudly tells about how his father acquired their small, but rapidly growing home, the subject of the story. Says Dale, he must have gotten a real deal on the home because he got it so cheap, and today, it's almost worth just as much. The house, the pride of the Kerrigan family, as it turns out, lies right next to the airport runway and directly under a string of power lines.

After an appraiser shows up in the neighborhood to inspect the houses on Darryl's block, the residents get a letter from a company that they're "compulsorlary required" (this is how it is stated in the movie, hence the joke) to sell their homes at face value to the company looking to buy their property, knock it down, and expand the airport. This is called the law of eminent domain, where the government (the company is a subsidary of the federal government of Australia) can come in a give just compensation for your property if they require use of your land. I think it's referred to as public domain.

Darryl Kerrigan doesn't want to sell his house. Says Darryl, "a man's house is his castle." Darryl, and his neighborhood support, take it to the courts, determined not to be so easily intimidated by a large corporation looking to get their way by any means necessary. At first, Darryl hires his inept barrister (lawyers to us Yanks), Dennis, to take the case to court. Except the moron, who in real life would face a malpractice suit, goes in strictly arguing "the vibe" of the constitution of Australia prohibits the company from taking Darryl's land. But all hope seems lost for the Kerrigan family, until they are approached by a kindly old solicitor who finds merit in Darryl's case, and wants to present it before the highest court in Australia. The issue: is the company's offer for a person's home "just compensation" as required by the laws governing property acquisition? And that's pretty much what this whole movie expresses. That the Kerrigan's home is much more than physical property, it's an irreplaceable sentimental value.

Even though I dismissed this movie as somewhat too idealistic regarding the outcome of the case, in fact, Australian eminent domain laws have changed, modeling something like the outcome of (and justifications for) the case in this movie.

Aside from all the business about property law, The Castle is an outrageously funny little movie. The short introduction to the family lays out the general mood of the movie--sarcastic humor. It's good stuff.
To many jokes to catch in one viewing
I just saw the Castle again on television. It is still funny and some of the quotes from the movie like "straight to the pool room" and "dreamin" have actually moved into the language. Many have explained the plot so I won't bother. The director Robb Sitch also did a television series called frontline, which is a very funny look at the world of television journalism. If you like the Castle I'm sure you will like frontline.

One other piece of trivia, the Queens Council who eventually represents the family in court is played by Bud Tingwell. Mr Tingwell looks like a very gentle older man in the movie and it may surprise many to know that he was a WWII fighter pilot flying Spitfire's and Mosquito's in North Africa and Sicily.
It's not a house, it's a home.
The thing that I love about this movie is that Darryl never gives up on his home. It's a story of true inspiration and courage. Darryl and his happy family are living peacefully in a house by the airport. Then the government comes along and wants to knock down his house to expand the airport or something. I think they wanted to build a longer runway. Anyway, Darryl gets his neighbors together to team up and fight this. The funny part is when only one neighbor comes with him to court. After that, Darryl gets a lawyer but this lawyer is probably the worst lawyer I have ever seen in my life. I forgive Darryl because he doesn't know any better. It's actually pretty funny and I was very touched by how hard Darryl persisted to keep his home. No matter how much money they tried to offer him, it meant nothing to Darryl. That is what made the movie a great story.
The Castle - Reviewed in Limerick
"While the characters may seem a bit sillier, The Kerrigan's are all too familiar, Bana's best role, "Dale dug a hole", An Aus-com that is bound to fulfill ya!"

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Charming film, great characters and superbly written.
Fantastic film. The American version has been heavily edited even to the point where some of the classic lines that make this film a top flick have been taken out.

If you can, try and get your hands on an Original Australian version of the DVD.

The acting is excellent with a superb mix of both young and veteran actors. One of the charms of this film is that it so easily could have been taking the pi** out of the type of people it portrays. Instead, it captures their inner warmth and love for their family...and their castle.
It Takes a Heap of Livin' to Make a House a Home.
This is a quietly effective, warm comedy about an eccentric family in Melbourne who fight a conglomerate wanting to claim their house and land in order to expand the airport next door.

The story reminds me a little of the nostalgic mid-Western American stories written by people like Ray Bradbury. Or, let me put it this way, if you've seen and enjoyed Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story" you'll enjoy this.

It's funny. No question about it. But the Kerrigan family becomes real enough to us that we want them to win their case against the Brobdignagian Corporation just so that they can wind up "pleased as punch." (They do, in a fairy-tale ending.) It's about as unpretentious as you can get. Everyone is quirky, blind to the faults of themselves and their friends, and socially artless. The Kerrigan's dim bulb of a lawyer is told by the judge that he has a weak case. He shambles up to the bench and asks in a hushed conspiratorial voice, "Can you give me an angle?" He's doing his best. He's even learned to read Roman numerals for the trial.

There's probably not much point in going on with this. It's a slight enough movie, and describing it in much more detail would spoil some of the more amusing moments. It may take a few moments to get into it, but it's worth the little effort involved. Nice job.
A wonderful film on every level!
I saw a small clip on sky movies advertising "The Castle" showing the family eating dinner, so i sky plussed it (tivo to Americans) thinking this was a movie about poking fun at insular hick Australian's. I didn't watch it for a week or so but when i had a spare few hours, i thought i would give it a go... well, what a fantastic movie! Funny throughout even in poignant moments but done with honesty without interference to the scene. This is one of those rare comedy's that have great character's who you will care about, even with all their misgivings. It has been showing here in the U.K. on sky indie for awhile and i urge you to catch it while you can... A wonderful film on every level!
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free The Castle download, as 720p to download it in 1997, one of the first Rob Sitch Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Eric Bana, Wayne Hope, Lynda Gibson, Anne Tenney, Monty Maizels, Bryan Dawe, Tiriel Mora, Stephen Curry, Costas Kilias, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Robyn Nevin, Sophie Lee, Michael Caton, Anthony Simcoe, John Benton from the movie director Rob Sitch 1997 Miami.