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The Captive
IMDB rating:
Atom Egoyan
Aidan Shipley as Albert
Ian Matthews as Willy
Peyton Kennedy as Young Cass
Mark Gorodnitsky as Young Albert
Brendan Gall as Teddy
Rosario Dawson as Nicole
Ryan Reynolds as Matthew
Scott Speedman as Jeffrey
Kevin Durand as Mika
Alexia Fast as Cass
Aaron Poole as Mike
Storyline: Teenager Cassandra is locked up against her will unable to contact her family to let them know she's still alive. Flashback to eight years ago when 9-year-old Cass was abducted from her father's truck and he goes straight to the authorities who immediately peg him as the prime suspect. Eight years later, her father, Matthew, is still being investigated by the police who are also trying to crack the bigger problem of crimes against children, Matthew's marriage has deteriorated and leads in the case are hard to come by. So much time but so little has changed and it's going to be up to Matthew and Cassandra herself to repair the estranged family.
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Intelligent and vital puzzle film. Be patient and the intriguing pieces fall into place. Kurt Vonegut style time-line with the future and the past within the narrative dispersed throughout. This is an important subject, pedophilia, and the sinister potential of the presence of these kinds of people within our societies is displayed well here.

I must say something about the naysayers who have previewed the film. They either lack imagination or lack patience. I found no plot holes. The direct story information presented within the film in minimal and strong, and any questions the audience may have can be easily answered using a bit of common sense and imagination. Well done film crew, this is powerful stuff.
The Captive fails to captive you as an audience because of its slow pacing, uninspiring characters and sub-par acting.
This is a slow paced thriller about a girl who was kidnapped at the age of 9 and kept in captivity in a basement for 8 years. The story follows the implications of her kidnapping for her parents and the local police division that never stopped looking for her.

The nature of the kidnapper and his motives is expressed right from the beginning, but you may miss some of them because of a somehow confusing time-line of events and narrative. Later everything will be presented even more clearly but numerous plot holes will annoy you and ruin the experience of the movie.

The acting is sub-par and the cast far from suitable. Ryan Reynolds is like a fish out of the water and fails to find his place in the movie from the start. Kevin Durand is a caricature of a master villain and Scott Speedman (as one of the police detectives) acts more annoyingly than the kidnapper himself.

Overall "The captive" fails to captivate the audience with a premise that in general it could produce an interesting movie about a delicate subject...
Define Movie-Making
OK, let's start from the beginning. A movie is defined as using pictures to tell a story. Instead, the obnoxious time shifts and unanswered questions only serve to obfuscate and confuse the viewer trying to make sense of the story. Especially when the lady detective was finding cameras hidden in the heating ducts while she was supposedly locked up in a van whose windows she apparently didn't want to kick out (Did I miss something here?). Forget about alternative endings, this movie appears to have several alternative middle parts. Sadly, an otherwise good story with a lot of potential is badly marred by a producer too anxious to give this movie a Cohen bros."feel."
Abysmal and poor taste.
This is truly terrible, please do not waste your time watching this film. It's 90mins you'll never get back. Absolutely awful plot, poorly scripted and acting was embarrassing. Anybody remotely connected with this film, should hang their heads in shame. I cannot see what they were trying to achieve with the way this was played out, bouncing between time lines doesn't add to the intrigue, it's annoying to say the least, not clever one bit. Ending suddenly it gives little if any closure to most of the questions you would have. For such a serious subject, I feel this film is in such bad taste, I can't for one second imagine what was going through the head of the director in overseeing this film. In 46 years of my life, this is the worst film I have ever seen, and whereby all are entitled to their opinion, I seriously would question anybody who felt this film was worthy of a recommendation.
What the hell did I just watch
Plain and simple, this movie is so ridiculous it's almost funny. I feel like it was written by teenagers. The story line has potential but the way it is told is confusing, unclear, and with no real purpose for being so out of order.. With the exception of the father played by Ryan Reynolds, I have to say that every single character is extremely unrealistic. The detectives in particular are the most unbelievable characters I've ever seen in a movie to date. They acted childish and inexperienced, not at all like the child abduction detectives they are meant to be. The most ridiculous thing for me was the treatment of Ryan Reynolds' character (as the father of the missing girl). Yes, I get that often the parents are the first suspects in a child abduction case.. But once they are ruled out, that should be the end of it! Their treatment of the father in the initial interview is absolutely absurd... And yet, even 8 years after the abduction, when it is pretty bloody obvious the father had nothing to do with the abduction, Scott Speedman's character is still giving the poor guy a hard time about it! For e.g, Speedman's detective finds it suspicious that Reynolds has a shrine to his missing daughter in the back of his truck? I believe the exact quote was "what's with the shrine, man?" as he is taking photos of the truck... On what planet is it suspicious behaviour to have a shrine of your missing daughter?! It would be more suspicious if Reynolds' character wasn't grieving over his missing daughter, wouldn't it?? The character of the kidnapper is also just absolutely hilarious. His voice, his demeanor, his facial expressions, all just completely over the top. I half expected him to swivel around in an arm chair stroking a cat with a patch over his eye.. Argh. Don't waste your time with this piece of poop.
Unconvincing Thriller
After Matthew steps out briefly to buy food inside the diner,he comes out and was surprised to see her young daughter Cassandra is no longer inside his truck.He goes inside and asked for help but she simply was nowhere to be found and vanished without any trace.This puts stress on him and his marriage which led to a divorce from his wife Tina.After eight years,two detectives discover recent images of her daughter in the internet.This gave him hope that her daughter is still alive and sought her daughter relentlessly.

After watching Ryan Reynolds from a good film Woman In Gold,I just felt that he made this film for the necessity to earn money without really caring about the screenplay.It was trivial and unrealistic.Many characters who happens to be psychologically impaired especially those who abducted Cassandra are far from convincing to be taken seriously.If there were good things about it so as not to deserve the lowest rating,it was that the film was shot on beautiful locations and it was wonderfully photographed.
good film suspenseful
This is my first review as I feel I have to save this film from being hammered into something that would get lost into the bin section of the movie trash. In my opinion this film was very good in terms of story editing and acting. It was obviously directed and edited in this way albeit sometimes confusing I felt it was directed In this way to make you think more about the story and characters. The bad guys were definitely haunting and the plot always kept me gripped. There was a hole in the story that kept me wondoring but maybe this hole was done on purpose. Really good film with some new ideas and script writing. Felt it all came together good and as for the people totally slating this film by giving it 1/10 made me feel they either watched the first 5 minute or they just have an agenda that is to put this good film down

My score is 8/10 however I have given 10 to average out the "wrong doing" sorry for my poor English I'm on a mobile phone!
Pedophile in the Snow
I found this movie pretty chilling. I thought Ryan Renolds played a superb Dad. The setting of someone in Canada buying rewarding treats for his daughter was schematic. It set the perfect tone for the father to come back out and not find his daughter. What was slightly unbelievable was that Nicole could be drugged at such a high profile get together. The emphasis throughout the movie is on child abduction. The scenery is cold Canada. The abductor uses lots of high technology equipment. He also lives in a nice house. If the Dad had given up, there would be no story. Unfortunately, the father is blamed for his daughter's disappearance.
Exhaustingly disjointed narrative and clunky plot hamper the captivating premise
The Captive is a strange take on drama or thriller. It doesn't build up to intelligent conclusion or revelation as the movie gives some key point of the plot early, instead it's a merry-go-round of twisted perspectives and timelines. The movie certainly gives deeper look of the people affected by the heinous act, yet its shifting tone is exceedingly slow and the repetitive narrative feels needlessly cumbersome.

Story mainly follows Matthew (Ryan Reynolds) as he tragically lost his daughter. The movie spans over eight years and multiple perspectives. While this method can be alluring, it becomes overly tedious after a while. It is literally a circle of events that may seem disconnected, only to eventually be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle though the movie gives the audience a random piece at a time.

Details from one scene might be crucial at later times, it's meant to be a Eureka moment when it finally comes together. However, the little suspense doesn't amount much and there is barely any major twist to be had. The way it jumps through characters and timeline might deter some viewer, especially when the movie just starts to build momentum then it jumps to another perspective at much different time altogether. Furthermore, the movie does this gimmick the entire time, occasionally with rehearsed scenes.

The theme itself is dauntingly personal. It's a delicate matter and the movie does deliver the premise without being overbearing. Acting from the lead, mostly Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson as the police investigator and Alexia Fast as the daughter are pretty compelling. At times it showcases the psychology aspect in sophisticated manner, but as the movie reveals the child spent eight years in captivity in first act, it does negate some of the thrill from earlier timeline.

The Captive presents a sense of grueling entrapment, parts of it are not in the tediously cinematic way it's meant to be.
I like thrillers, and I like Ryan Reynolds, so this movie sounded promising. The trailer looked really good. But it was just a big mess that never went anywhere. The movie constantly goes back and forth from present to past, which was annoying and confusing. None of the characters were interesting, there was NOTHING thrilling, gripping, or suspenseful, and I was most certainly was never on the edge of my seat. Even the "climax" of the movie was just flat. When it was over, my husband and I looked at each other like, "That's it?" Big disappointment. They could have done much more with this story line and with the characters.
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