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Gladys Hamilton (Seattle) i was told that I can migos Swiss Family Robinson free download, but I did not believe, especially the year 1960 New York. Michael Whitehead (Lexington) Ken Annakin Swiss Family Robinson free download Bluray at high speed, and even in the USA Cambridge.
Swiss Family Robinson
Adventure, Family
IMDB rating:
Ken Annakin
Sessue Hayakawa as Kuala, Pirate Chief
Kevin Corcoran as Francis Robinson
Andy Ho as Auban
Larry Taylor as Pirate
James MacArthur as Fritz Robinson
Janet Munro as Roberta 'Bertie'
Tommy Kirk as Ernst Robinson
Milton Reid as Big Pirate
Cecil Parker as Captain Moreland
John Mills as Father Robinson
Storyline: A family in route to New Guinea is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. They are forced to remain on the island because of the damage to the ship and the pirates that are roaming the islands. They create a home on the island (centering around a huge tree house) and explore the island and its wildlife. Plenty of adventure ensues as the family deals with issues of survival and pirates, and the brothers must learn how to live on the island with an uncertain future.
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Bizarrely encapsulating, for all the wrong reasons
John Mills was a fine actor, but in this he's a bit like a rocket engine attached to hot-air balloon in this.

I'm a fan of old movies, but found this example to be a pretty poor one and not recommended for anyone interested in giving old classics a shot.

It's certainly not short of budget or "adventure". Things are happening constantly. Including the most annoying soundtrack I can ever recall. With peculiar incidental music that accompanies absolutely every tiny thing that happens along the way. Constantly.

What I found most disturbing, by today's standards, was the many examples of animal cruelty in the film. Including a tiger being harassed by 2 great dane dogs (potentially lethal for the dogs and distressing for the tiger), riding an ostrich and a zebra trapped in mud. All done with real performing animals.

Couldn't be rated as a true old classic in my opinion. Probably only thought of fondly by people who saw it when they were young.
Not exactly true to the original, but pretty good...from when Disney didn't mess things up as much...
I used to watch this movie as a child and I enjoyed it. As a school teacher I recently had the opportunity to use the novel in my classroom. As a culminating activity we are watching this movie. Anyway, seeing it from this perspective puts things a little different.

First of all the family is not named Robinson...the title was given as a reference to Robinson Crusoe. People complain of the ludicrous compilation of animals and the unlikely events...well that is how the novel was written. In fact the novel goes much further in its extremism. My biggest complaints come from the way that the movie departs from the novel. Eliminating the son named Jack was an odd choice from the start. They accelerated the pace of necessity since it is a movie and cannot contain as much as the novel but reordering events or making the mother (who in the novel was quite capable and contributed just as much to the family as everyone else) into a 1960's movie era helpless female did not serve the plot well. Turning Francis into the whiny little boy on screen just makes me want to pull my hair out. The overall spirit of the film is in line with the novel however and it is not a horrible movie to watch, it is actually enjoyable to watch. The value of this movie increases when I use it in the classroom because it opens up a lot of dialog comparing it to the novel and it really gets the students back into the book and trying to read for further understanding. On the whole it is a good classic Disney hearkens back to a time when Disney didn't totally screw things up (can we say Pocahontas?)...I'd recommend it, especially for young boys.
A delightful film for the entire family
First things off, I absolutely loved the book when I was a kid, but haven't read it for a long time. But I have always loved this film, and at 17 years old I still think it is an absolutely delightful Disney film and perfect for the whole family. Is it the best Disney film ever? Personally, I think not, then again I love Disney so much I cannot choose though I will say Beauty and the Beast especially has been the one that has always captivated me.

Swiss Family Robinson is nothing short of excellent. It has wonder, adventure and suspense, with all these elements all of which are crucial for a family film what more can you ask for. The direction from Ken Annakin is rock solid, and the music from William Alwyn is especially stirring. The cinematography is lush, the sets are imaginative and striking and the costumes are lavish. While perhaps slow to begin with, the film has lots of action, pirates and wild animals. The story while not especially faithful to the book, is compelling holds a certain nostalgic value and the screenplay is fun enough.

The acting is very good. John Mills was a fine actor, and he is excellent as Father Robinson, and Dorothy McGuire in perfect makeup is even better as Mother Robinson. Appealing performances from James McArthur, Tommy Kirk and Kevin Cocoran help too and Sessue Hayakawa makes an imposing and menacing Pirate Chief, in fact while very attractive Janet Munro is the only one who doesn't quite convince as Roberta, but everything else is so good I am willing to overlook. Other than that, this film is delightful, and teaches some nice family values including bravery, loyalty, honour, creativity and resourcefulness. 10/10 Bethany Cox
Just a Harmless and Fun Family Film,
Swiss Family Robinson is a good movie with a well written storyline and a good cast.The film has certainly aged but it still holds up pretty well as a family film,it has a lot of fun adventure,however there is little to no humour in this.My biggest problem with this movie was for a long period they started focusing on Fritz and Ernst Robinson,which I didn't like because they just weren't very professional actors and I didn't find their characters as likable as Father and Mother Robinson,although it was of course a good decision to go beyond the island.Its not an outstanding piece of filmmaking,but Swiss Family Robinson is enjoyable and I would recommend it as an easy to watch family film.

After a family get shipwrecked on a tropical island they begin to live an idyllic life,until a group of pirates show up.

Best Performance: John Mills Worst Performance: Tommy Kirk

If you have any recommendations on films/TV series I should watch or review,or any questions to ask me,just tweet me @DillonTheHarris
The best Disney film ever made! A classic!
This movie was truly great. I am not a fan of family-films, or non-animated Disney films either, but this was excellent. It is about a family who is traveling in the sea to Europe but is shipwrecked on an island and they are able to build a paradise there but are continuously faced with new challenges. There are plenty of dangerous wild animals, lack of food, and pirates come and a fantastic gun & sword battle erupts near the end of the film which is not too violent for a Disney film but is very exciting. This whole movie is great, it has great scenery, excitement and great color film for a 1960 movie. You must see this! Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.
A Definite 'MUST OWN'!
Anybody that votes or has voted less than a 5 on this has either lied about watching it or has gotten a little to caught up on political correctness, or has found poor taste in movies. Basically, if you were orphaned at birth and nobody adopted you and became a neo-nazi, this MAY be something you won't find interesting.

This is among the early Disney Classics & Greats. A great cast put into a pirate tale that brings the whole family together. Though the screenplay is a bit old and the music sounds as if its from 'Gone With The Wind', what else would you expect from the time this was made?

A family is shipwrecked on an uncharted island and they make do with the means and supplies they have. They build an exotic home on what seems like an island paradise. In an effort to get a better idea of where they are and what they have to deal with, the older two sons go out on an exploration of the island. While around the other side, they meet up with pirates holding two hostages. They take the youth hostage per the captive father's request and head on back to the camp to notify their parents and prepare if the pirates happen to come their way.

There is a wonderful action battle that brings classic excitement to all those young and old. In the true form of a Disney Classic, the storyline and character development is done beautifully.

This is one of those items you'd go to the theater to see on the BIG SCREEN multiple time if it were available again. Definite add to the collection.
Great Disney Adventure Movie!
... With a super cast, led by British Actor John Mills, "Swiss Family Robinson" (SFR) remains a solid, entertaining film for all ages! And, of course, that famous Tree House is-a-star all-by-itself! Seeing it at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. was a thrill every time. A believable script, the movie is well-paced and the musical score fits perfectly. Suitable for even younger children, it's not boring for adults! This was the Golden Years for Disney movie-making, starting in the 1950's. Even effective on TV, it's best viewed on the full-screen at your neighborhood theater. It's worth having SFR in your permanent collection-at-home. Tahnk-you for TCM in just airing it. Enjoy!
Exciting Family Fun!
This is a Disney adventure film at its best. Excitement, adventure, far off exotic places, shipwrecks, pirates - all the ingredients for a thrilling recipe of family ties that bind (love), and respect for a father who protects and leads his family to battle the hostile elements of the outside world in order to survive.

Tigers in pits, wild animals domesticated, outside fresh air away from all civilization, this is a movie for the whole family to watch together, preferably on a big screen at a theatre, where the producers designed to have it seen in the first place.

This movie is fun, exciting and scary with pirate ships and uphill battles that make this one worth owning.

I remember my Dad took me to see this film when I was 7 years old and the nostalgia of security of family rooted in a firm grounding and foundation of family tradition, for me made this film a memorable one for all time. I hope you enjoy this one too for old time's sake.
One of the few NON-BORING family films out there!!!
En route to New Guinea, a ship is chased into a hurricane and ends up deserted by its crew and wrecked against the rocks of an island in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The only passengers remaining on board the crippled vessel are a Swiss family who have been fleeing from possible entanglement in war due to the dealings of Neopoleon.

There are a father (Sir John Mills), a mother (Dorothy McGuire) and three boys, Fritz (James MacArthur), Ernst (Tommy Kirk) and little Francis (Kevin Corcoran). Although Mother believes a ship will come along any time and rescue them from the island, Father feels its best to avoid trying to use fire or any means of getting attention lest the pirates that attacked them before should return to finish the job.

Slowly, the family begins to realize what a beautiful place God put them in, for whatever His reasons. There are lots of cool animals, beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery, plenty of food. Eventually, the men build a wonderous tree house, and anything they could need or wish for is right there. Should they bother going on to New Guinea??? Mother still thinks its practical compared with living on the island, and besides, with no other people living there, how will her sons ever know what it's like to be married and have families of their own??? The two eldest sons, Fritz and Ernst, talk their parents into letting them sail the coast of their island, to find out if there are any ports, towns or options that will speed their rescue and get them to New Guinea. They don't find anything except the same blasted pirate band who gave them problems before, and this time the cutthroats have taken an Englishman and his "grandson" Bertie for ransom. The Robinson boys manage to get the grandson out of danger, and soon find out that Bertie is not a boy, but a girl named Roberta, who fearing being victimized by the ruthless pirates, chopped off her red hair and wore boys clothing.

Immediately, an often hilarious rivalry for the girl's affection begins between Fritz and Ernst. Ernst spouts off dorky quotes from famous authors while Fritz rolls his eyes and just does his thing. I had a HUGE crush on Fritz when I was a kid...I guess you could call him one of my retro-babes!!! On Christmas, the boys and Roberta reach the tree house and the family begins preparations for facing the pirates, who undoubtedly will come along looking for Roberta. The battle with the pirates is made ceaselessly entertaining by the tiger pits, the coconut bombs, the pirate bells, the snares, the rigged bridge, logpile and of course, the gun and sword fighting.

Some family films, even ones I like, can be boring sometimes, or too full of Pollyanna-ism...but SWISS FAMILY is really action packed and entertaining. I never get bored.
Hardly A Disney Classic
Seeing as it`s Easter the Tv companies in Britain have been showing several Disney films of which SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON is one . To be honest this far from being a Disney classic , yeah it`s a family adventure ( Literally ) but doesn`t have the impact of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA . This down mainly to two reasons

1 ) The episodic nature . There`s the threat of pirates throughout the movie but they don`t appear towards the end so we`re treated to superflous scenes of the family building tree houses etc . What this movie needed more than anything is danger rather than wish fufillment

2 ) Francis the irritating kid with the whining American accent . Oh dear lord actors should never appear with animals or children and audiences shouldn`t have to suffer them either . It`s not often that I see a film where a child is in danger from a tiger and I found myself cheering for the tiger

It`s not the worst Disney movie I`ve ever seen , it does star John Mills who always give a good performance and it probably done pretty well at the box office at least compared to recent Disney mega-flops like THE LADYKILLERS and THE ALAMO
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free Swiss Family Robinson download, as 720p to download it in 1960, one of the first Ken Annakin Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Sessue Hayakawa, Kevin Corcoran, Andy Ho, Larry Taylor, James MacArthur, Janet Munro, Tommy Kirk, Milton Reid, Cecil Parker, John Mills, Dorothy McGuire from the movie director Ken Annakin 1960 Miami.