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Storyline: A hard-working street dance crew, get through to the national championship, but get shaken up when their leader and main choreographer, Jay, jumps ship 5 weeks before the competition. He tells the crew, and his girlfriend, Carly, that she has become is predecessor, adding that he needs a break from everything...and everyone, including Carly. Carly struggles to fit into the leadership role, encountering problems such as finding funding for a rehearsal space and gaining the respect and trust of the crew. Whilst delivering food to a performing arts school, Carly meets Choreographer and Musical Director, Helena. Helena, is having her own issues with her students, a group of talented ballet dancers, who are technically proficient, but show no passion or fire when they dance. Helena is warned by the chairman of the school that at their current standard, they will not pass their Royal Ballet auditions, and failure to do so will result in dismissals. Recognising this, Helena, who is known for... Written by DanniBunnyBraz
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there are much better dance films than this
firstly i'd like to say, like most people on here, i am a huge movie fan and have seen a huge amount of films of all different genres. i am a dancer myself and have always loved dance films ever since watching dirty dancing when i was little, i think i have pretty much watched all of them.

so when i heard about streetdance, actually a British film i thought, great, after all there is a lot of amazing UK dance talent. i was sadly very disappointed.

don't get me wrong the dancing was great, with a lot of reality TV (britains got talent) stars. but this wasn't a TV program it was supposed to be a blockbuster film with a story to connect the dancing scenes. i personally would have liked to have skipped through all the acting. it was that bad. i was actually physically cringing in parts- the ballet dancers were soo clichéd i actually laughed, all the dialogue seemed robotic with them and the lead actress. the most charismatic star would be george sampson, who forgive me i'm wrong, has never acted before!!

although the dancing was great, it was no more creative or outstanding than i have seen on TV shows. i have seen better choreography and wow factor in other dance films. serious lack of creativity.

most dance films nowadays are pretty similar story-wise but i just felt this could have been so much better, instead of just feeling like an insanely predictable poor (British) man's step up 2. the lead actress just didn't feel edgy or believable, it felt like she was a nice northern girl pretending to be 'street'. they could have gone for a real urban London feel- a crew from a rough part of London maybe trying to escape. maybe drugs/crime being a factor- anything more imaginative than this!! also the ending would never happen so it makes the film seem silly.

best parts- soundtrack- great British music.
StreetDance 3D
You may have seen the Julia Stiles film Save the Last Dance, well this is pretty much the same premise, but concentrating on the modern street dance theme in Britain. Basically, in inner London, young dance choreographer Carly (Nichola Burley) has her street dance crew Jay 2 O, formed with her boyfriend Jay (Ukweli Roach) who has decided to move on, causing tension to break up. They also lose their place to practise, meaning they need to raise money for a real location before the big Streetdance competition final. Then Carly finds the local ballet school, and get the place for practise with permission from teacher Helena (Charlotte Rampling). There is only one condition to adhere to keep the room for practise, Carly and the gang must help train the original ballet dancers of the classroom to join their crew. Carly slowly starts to fall for training and skilled ballet dancer Tomas (Richard Winsor), who sticks up for her when they come face to face with a nasty and betraying Jay. It is after this encounter that Carly decides they should not try to pretend anything but what they are, doing ballet or street dance or whatever, they should bring the two together in a new and inventive routine. The competition final is announced to be the day of the Royal Ballet auditions for students, and the crew, with new name Breaking Point, try to compromise their way to do both. There is a little delay waiting for Tomas and the other ballet students, but wannabe street dancer Eddie (George Sampson) gives them some time, and they win the competition with a fantastic mix of street and ballet. Also starring Frank Harper as Fred, Eleanor Bron as Madame Fleurie, Patrick Baladi as Mr. Harding, Jeremy Sheffield as Michael, Teneisha Bonner as Shawna, Rachel McDowall as Isabella, Diversity's Ashley Banjo as Aaron, Flawless as The Surge and Jocelyn Jee Esien as Delilah. When you have brilliant acts like George Sampson, Flawless and Diversity, all from Britain's Got Talent, in the cast doing their stuff, you know you are going to have yourself a good film-going experience. The soundtrack, with songs like Tinie Tempah - "Pass Out", Ironik feat. Elton John - "Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)", Aggro Santos feat. Kimberly Wyatt - "Candy", Wiley - "Wearing My Rolex, N-Dubz - "Strong Again" and Madcon - "Beggin'" was also an inspired choice. I didn't think it was too littered with stereotypes, I will admit apart from the food fight you forgot it was a 3D film, but overall, hardly any annoying breakaway from the key focus, it's almost all dance, dance, DANCE, it is definitely a dance drama film you won't be disappointed with. Very good!
Clash of the Dances
I was really entertained when I watched this in the cinema. The story is nice enough (yes clichés ahead, but it's a picture about dancing, about overcoming odds, you expect it to have a few), with obstacles build in the way, that you will expect and predict, but all told nicely. And it did not originate from the US, which came as a surprise to me (since almost every dance movie minus the Bollywood fare, seems to be made in the US)!

I liked the acting (for the movie that it is) and the dance scenes were good enough, to be told in 3-D. Though I have to admit, that there are a few sequences in the new Step up, that easily put anything to shame that is shown here. But in contrast to that, the story here is more solid, more believable (in my eyes). Nice entertainment and unfortunately overseen at the Box office (at least that's what I heard)
Golly gosh! George Sampson!
A movie desperately in search of a script. Instead it throws us straight into dance after dance, trying to fill in the void with action. For what little plot there is "Streetdance" tells about a group of young streetdancers led by Carly (Nichola Burly), who in order to compete at UK championships agree to train and include in their troupe five ballet dancers in exchange for access to a dance-floor at the local academy. Wait! Hasn't the street dance meets ballet motive been done to death by now? It's almost as if creators of such dance flicks pretend that this is the final frontier in dance.

Populated by former contestants of various dance based reality shows the movie seems to focused on having each of them stamp their presence. One of special note is George Sampson, who gets a pointless role in the movie aimed solely at garnering his "Britain's Got Talent" fame. He isn't the only participant of that programme with such creds with roles for the Diversity and Flawless crews.

Most of the acting is passable, albeit Nichola Burly (supposedly one of the few professional actors on board) is uninspiring and unable to keep the interest of the viewer. With the flimsy script and poor lead you actually wish for them to stop talking and do another umpteenth dance routine. However all the dancing is top-notch with some really exceptional sets (I fail however to understand the fuss behind Sampson, who seems to not be quite there yet). Especially the Flawless crew is 100% worthy of their name. Hence - despite all the clichés - "Streetdance" manages to overcome its shortcomings with some energetic, forceful in-your-face choreography. One of the best scenes has the street crew trying to introduce their ballet partners to the raw basics of what they do - everything from breakbeat to krumping is given a nod.

SPOILER: The constant problems of similar movies is the use of professional crews as the 'opposition', while our heroes are a rag-tag group of actors, semi-pro dancers and some random pros. Streetdance deals with this by having Flawless do a sub-par performance, when it matters, while absolutely owning the screen in all other previous scenes. This actually made the imperfect final routine by our protagonists look better than it actually was. That did however make the final dance sequences one of the worst in the whole movie.

All in all a worthy watch for dance flick lovers, so despite the low ratings handed out due to the flimsy script, I positive a lot of people will be pouring some well-deserved love on this movie for the spunk and power of the dances.
If you are looking for something like Step Up , don't waste your time
This movie is a big waste of time , the story is looks like Step Up , a Street Dance Crew training in ballet school and some ballet dancers join the crew , the only new thing here is Ballet Dance . I have some notes you might find it useful :

1- I think Street Dance must be on Hip Hop music but I don't know what the director was thinking by making them dance on this music , awful .

2- You can't compare this with Step Up , the dance is not good , and the story is not good as Step Up .

3- The Romance in this movie is really disappointing .

I think they was trying to create something new , by mixing Ballet Dance with Street Dance , but I think they fail .
A refreshing surprise
It is corny , cheesy and yet it works. For the first time since I can remember, The City Of London is shot so beautifully. It really makes you want to visit this great city either at dawn, dusk and of course day. The story is charmingly simply and reminiscent of any putting on show film since the year dot but this time about street dance! And I loved every moment of it.

The support cast of Charlotte Rampling, Eleanor Bron playing Russian ballet mistress with the foreign accent makes the young performers really move up a notch in the acting department.

But of course the high spot is the dance and my goodness there is lots of it. beautifully shot and edited in such a way that you can actually see what is going on without the awful 3 second cutting of pop videos and even some major feature films. The directors of this film trusted their material and knew they could keep their audience interest without a succession of short jump cuts ( a la Moulin Rouge and Nine).

Summing up: this a really good feel good movie. Corny but entertaining and you coming out smiling which surly is what filmaking is all about. Donlt expect Bafta/Oscar stuff , just enjoy 95 minutes of innocent feel good fun
A good example of dance movies, which are not real movies.
Let's be honest, here. Nobody expects any real movie quality from a dance movie, except for beautiful and entertaining dance moves and a director who's skilled enough to shoot them adequately. Anybody complaining about the cheesiness of dialog or the non-existent plot is missing the point. Dance movies are cheesy by definition ("Dirty Dancing", anyone?), so the viewers must adopt a kind of "suspension of belief" and embrace what is being offered. Does anybody enjoy ballet or operas for their plot? Compared to an opera libretto, an episode of "Gossip Girl" is "Citizen Kane". "Streetdance" has the merit of presenting nice choreographies (especially the very interesting finale) accompanied by an enjoyable soundtrack, with also a bit of professional acting courtesy of Charlotte Rampling. The 3D effects offer a pleasant support to the dancers' efforts. It's an honest movie. It doesn't promise anything more than what it is.
Forget step up, it's over!
I don't really like dance movies. Dirty dancing has its brilliant moments, but that's generally my limit. So when was forced to see street dance 3d I was very depressed. But surprisingly i loved it! It was very enjoyable with brilliant dance, storyline, tension and romance. You don't get much better than that! It isn't as good as the great dance movie, dirty dancing, but it's better than all the other mediocre dance movies, like step up, you got served and honey all put together. Girls, drag your boy friends to see this film- he'll hate it with a vengeance, but if you like dance, tension and romance, you'll love it!
"Streetdance," to an extent, shares the same problem as other movies about dance. When the first dance movie (which was probably "Save the Last Dance) appeared, it seemed fresh and original not least of all because of the choreographed dance routines. But now the genre of dance films can do little more than repeat the same formula and the result is a bit tedious. Incidentally I had a similar reaction to the martial arts films. The first Karate Kid was great from beginning to end. But the spectacle and energy of these martial arts film soon faded and even the attempts to spice up the genre with explosions and shoot outs did not quite work.

So does "Streetdance" suffer from this trend? Yes. But does "Streetdance" also make up for this fact? To a surprising degree, it does. There is not too much to be said for the plot which is riddled with so many clichés, including the climatic little dance battle at the end, that it appeared to be recycled from the "Step Up" genre. Yet it is fresh in some respects. Nichola Burley, for example, brought something new to her performance as the head of the streetdance group Carly who also has to help ballet dancers bring some fire to their performances. Nichola is genuinely likable, sweet and fun all at the same time and these traitsallow her to get away with saying some very ridiculous grandstanding speeches like (I'm paraphrasing) we are going to combine ballet and street dance and "create something beautiful." If a lesser actor, like Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox or even Kat Dennings, spoke like that, it would never seem believable. But Nichola miraculously makes scenes like that work. Nichola is also aided along the way by other likable characters like the implied love interest Tomas (Richard Winsor). Charlotte Rampling, who played one of the heads of ballet school Helena Fitzgerald, delivers the kind of great performance one would expect from someone with her calibre, even though she is unfortunately not given much to say or do. "Streetdance" also has some memorable scenes, such as the one where two street dancers pretending to be manniquins communicate with a little boy, who is also a great street dancer, through the medium of dance. Another memorable scene has Carly and her co-worker turning their mundane job of making sandwiches into a dance routine, which was kind of neat.

Enthralling Moves in Spotlight
I always love musical movies, but what I never realized before is that there is one other category that I may love it as well as musical movies, it is dance movies! "StreetDance" is a perfect example of today's dance movie. The story just seems to be another repetition from other similar movies. It's all about rebellion against establishment of formal institutions and it's also about how to express yourself. It's the whole elements that have been occurring since "Footloose" (1984) to the modern breathtaking flick like "Step Up 2: The Streets" (2008), in which I think that it is still the best presentation of our time. The modern dance movie is also always about traditional art-school dancer Vs. freestyle street dancer, where on thiz movie is street dancers vs. ballet dancers. It is about Carly (Nichola Burley) and her dance crew which later named "Breaking Point". They have to mix together with several ballet dancers from The Royal Dance School in exchange for rehearsal place. Nichola Burley can deliver her character smooth enough to take us into energizing mood with her unique British accent and some enthralling dancing moves as well. Thiz movie really put Burley into the spotlight since last time I saw her in psychological thriller "Donkey Punch" in 2008. Other Cast members are Charlotte Rampling, Richard Winsor and real life professional dancer like George Sampson. Thiz movie is also featuring "Britain's Got Talent" stars, Diversity and Flawless. It is very exciting to observe how the recent street dance style has evolved outside of dance studios. The movie is surprisingly directed by first time Directors, Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini. It is delightful and enjoyable movie. It's filled with fascinating choreography and heart-throbbing hip hop music. The pop group N-Dubz said, "We Dance On".

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Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free StreetDance 3D download, as 720p to download it in 2010, one of the first Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Frank Harper, Sianad Gregory, Ukweli Roach, George Sampson, Sacha Chang, Flawless, Rhimes Lecointe, Hugo Cortes, Teneisha Bonner, Jennifer Leung, Lex Milczarek, Richard Winsor, Charlotte Rampling, Rachel McDowall, Jeremy Sheffield, Patrick Baladi, Tameka Empson, Nichola Burley, Chris Wilson, Eleanor Bron, Kofi Agyemang from the movie director Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini 2010 Miami.