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Crime, Action, Sci-Fi
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Kenneth Johnson
Irma P. Hall as Grandma Odessa
Ray J as Martin (as Ray J.)
Gary Graham as Detective
Harvey Silver as Lamont
Kerrie Keane as Sen. Nolan
Eric Saiet as Young cop
Judd Nelson as Nathaniel Burke
Thom Barry as Sgt. Marcus
Richard Roundtree as Uncle Joe
Shaquille O'Neal as John Henry Irons / Steel
Annabeth Gish as Susan Sparks
Charles Napier as Col. David
Hill Harper as Slats
Storyline: John Henry Irons designs weapons for the military. When his project to create weapons that harmlessly neutralize soldiers is sabotaged, he leaves in disgust. When he sees gangs are using his weapons on the street, he uses his brains and his Uncle Joe's junkyard know-how to fight back, becoming a real man of "steel."
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Pretty damn bad, but enjoyable 4 MSTies like me
I was fortunate to view this on the terrestrial station Grit & have viewed this crappy Shaquille O'Neal film a few times to actually listen to the atrocious dialogue & learn the cookie-cutter plot, such as Steel's crusade to keep kids away from gangs, which looks similar to that from "The Meteor Man." I had to check the spoiler because those who did see the end oughta remember the "oh brother" moment when Annabeth Gish's wheelchair becoming a deus ex machine-a. Regarding the cast, O'Neal did better in "Blue Chips" even though he was naturally cast as a basketball player. Gish, I think at the time, was better well-known in her recurring role in "The X-Files" but she was also in the good but underrated film "Shag." Richard Roundtree, a.k.a. the baddest mother Shaft, I think is the gadgeteer or Q or something. & Judd Nelson, who was on "Suddenly Susan" that decade, plays the villain. Some factors that's worth recognizing & maybe even admiring are the fact that the Steel costume had to be custom-made for the 7'1" O'Neal & only he had to do his own stunts as there weren't any stunt-men around who were that tall. & I did like the train-yard scene; I admit that of the run-of-the-mill action scenes I see on many movies on TV (Why would I waste much money & time in a noisy cineplex to see these films?), moving those train cars around does take dedication & cooperation from the railroads pre-production. Now since I typed I'm a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" fan in the summary, know that I rank films that were on the show 1 (that damn bad & deserving to be in IMDb's Bottom Rated list) or 2 (merely boring, e.g. the Oscar- winning "Marooned" (or "Space Travelers" on the show)). & regarding all those films I see on TV I rank 'em 3 (bad) or 4 (boring). "Steel" gets 3 stars, but for B-movie fans like me, this is worth watching while doing other activities such as having your phone or electronic device on in your own home unlike a theater. In conclusion, "Steel" is as deplorable as a rusty vehicle (assuming some steel rusts or oxidizes; I never aced high school chemistry), but it's worth viewing a view times for a good MST3K riffs. Here's to RiffTrax or the returning "Mystery Science Theater 3000" getting permission from "Steel" to lampoon Shaquille's film.
Just Another Cinematic Air Ball.
A former military weapons specialist (basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal) has to battle an arms dealer (Judd Nelson) and his associates as they create chaos in a bleak gang-infested Los Angeles landscape. Also helping O'Neal are uncle Richard Roundtree (of "Shaft" glory) and parapalegic Annabeth Gish. Superhero-style junk that is unintentionally hilarious as Shaq hams it up with the ridiculous material. The rest of the cast follows that lead as well as the whole group of players seem to realize just how horrid the production is. More proof that professional athletes have no business starring in motion pictures. O'Neal's time would have been better spent working on his free throws. Turkey (0 stars out of 5).
Jumbo-Sized Hero
Let's get the worst facets of STEEL out of the way first. Yes, Shaquille O'Neal is a dreadful actor. Yes, he looks like the world's biggest sardine can in his Steel armor. Yes, the dialog is bargain basement. Yes, Judd Nelson makes for the worst comic book villain this side of Mark Hamill as The Trickster in THE FLASH television series. And yes, the film embarrasses itself even further by clumsily trying to deliver a we-must-stop-using-weapons-to-settle-our-differences message. Happy?

STEEL is not a masterpiece in any sense of the word, but that doesn't mean it should be completely written off. It's one of those pictures that requires you to set aside your pre-conceived notions about good film-making and just enjoy the ride. Do that, and STEEL is a surprisingly amusing little adventure. O'Neal is fun, if not unspectacular, as our jumbo-sized hero, a do-gooder vigilante cleanin' up the streets with a big ol' hammer and souped-up motorbike. He's aided by wheelchair-bound hottie Annabeth Gish and an aged Richard Roundtree as his off-the-wall Uncle Joe.

Our hero's climactic showdown with the one-dimensionally evil Nelson is incredibly cheesy, as are many scenes, but the film has its heart so firmly in the right place you'll be more than a little lenient. As usual, what Shaq lacks in talent he makes up for in charm and a deep likability that seeps right through the screen.

STEEL is an uncomplicated film that seems custom-made for little boys, who will absolutely adore it. If you're in the right mood, you'll like it, too.
A movie that's as tough as the title says...
Steel! Oh, yes! This movie is so tough, any movie like "The Godfather" and "Casablanca" will shatter into irreversible broken pieces if dropped on there! Shaq from "Kazaam" takes center stage in this exciting yet funky action film, and he is here to put the bad guys where they belong - in the trash! Seeing this movie makes my heart pump, my veins pop, my head explode (no, not really, but believe me, it is that exciting)! Don't believe me? Go watch "Steel" and see for yourself! Tell me if you think this movie deserves a "1" or a "10!" I give this movie a "10" all the way! Shaq is the man of the court and the screen!
Shaq Can't Act
Shaquille O'Neal was a better basketball star than he was an actor. Cast as the eponymous hero in scif-fi writer & director Kenneth Johnson's costumed crime fighter saga, he looks absurd with his sappy expressions. Nevertheless, "Steel" isn't a bad movie. Despite Shaq's lackluster performance, this 97-minute adaptation of a DC Comics character features some fine performances from Judd Nelson, Annabeth Gish, and Richard Roundtree. Johnson makes several references to the superheroes in the DC Comics Universe, but Superman never makes a cameo. In the comics, Superman saved John Henry Steel's life and advised him to make something of himself.

As far as this movie goes, Superman doesn't exist and John Henry Steel Shaquille O'Neal) has never made contact with him. Shaq is in the military when the action unfolds and he is testing experimental weapons. Nathaniel Burke (Judd Nelson) is a fellow officer. Unscrupulous to the core, he is always willing to push the envelope on any project. When Senator Nolan hints that he can expect a promotion to captain if he pushes things along on a weapons testing program, Burke resets the mechanism on one of John Henry's laser weapons. John Henry builds weapons that don't kill so much as neutralize enemy troops. The blast misfires and knocks on a concrete wall. Susan "Sparky" Sparks (Annabeth Gish of "Mystic Pizza") is pinned under a giant fragment. Our seven foot one hero frees her, but she spends the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Incredibly, a military tribunal is held, and Burke run out of the service. Despondent over the condition of Sparky, John Henry resigns from the Army. What he doesn't know is that Burke has taken the gun designs and plans to produce versions of it to sell. He captures attention not long afterward when he arms a gang of hoodlums and they rob a bank. John Henry sets up a secret factory in his Uncle's junkyard. He pulls Sparky out of a depressing V.A. Hospital and makes him the brain of his operation. He creates a steel suit and is given a special sledgehammer. Meanwhile, Burke lets every scumbag in the world know that he can provide them with the ultimate weapon.

"Steel" is formulaic but entertaining. The hand grenade scene is unforgivable.
I actually was just doing a search for this film..not knowing...
I was actually doing a search for this film. I loved this movie when it came out and was trying to find it on other sites. The name did not come up on other sites, but it did here. Whoa, I did not realize that this was Shaq in the film. So I know that my influence for this film had nothing to do with Shaq fame. I really did like this and wish they would do a sequel. For now, it should be on DVD...I know it would sell.
DC Comics worst nightmare. This definitely isn't your father's Superman!
Several years ago, DC Comics killed Superman. Four characters leapt to the forefront and claimed to be the fallen Superman. Steel was one of these characters and he showed great potential.

Then a movie was made bearing the same name. The movie sounded good in theory and it showed much potential. Then someone casted Shaq and the rest was history. Other bad choices were made like casting Judd Nelson. On top of all that a director was chosen.... not Oliver Stone, not even Tim Burton, but Kenneth Johnson. Kenneth who? The same Kenneth Johnson who did "V", "Alien Nation" and "The Incredible Hulk". It is no wonder the Hiroshima of cinema was created. This movie is the exact opposite of what a good movie should be. Bad acting, bad script, bad directing. This movie became something that would have made Ed Wood proud. The rest of us on the other hand should forget this movie was ever made. I know it is hard, but try...... please try to forget.

Um, this was based on the comic book character, right?
That's what I kept thinking all through this movie. I've been following John Henry Irons from the start in the comics. Here's the deal; Remember when Superman died? In the wake of that battle, four people arose wearing the "S" and resuming the neverending battle. There was "The Last Son of Krypton" (actually a computer program who believed he was Superman and took an extreme approach to fighting evil), the Cyborg Superman (actually a villian who took advantage of the opportunity), the Young or Teen Superman (a clone given a semblance of Superman's powers, now known as Superboy in the coming soon TEEN TITANS comic), and an armored man called "The Man of Steel."

The Man of Steel was John Henry Irons, an inventor who was recruited by a weapons manufacturer to design for him. As in the movie, these designs are stolen from him and planned to be used as weapons of mass destruction. He destroyed his work and went underground, ending up in Metropolis. While saving a falling worker, John himself is saved by Superman. John tells him, "I owe you my life," to which Superman replies, "Then make it count for something." Shortly after, Superman died in battle. John soon learned that his weapons were being used by Metropolis' gangs, sold on the black market. Inspired by Superman's example, John Henry creates a suit complete with cape and "S," armed with rivet shooters, super-strength, flight, and a mean sledgehammer. He was the only one who never claimed to be Superman back from the dead. After Superman's return, John modifies his armor and shortens his code-name to Steel.

Now, I can understand why the legal matters won't let them use Superman in this movie, but what is this with a motorcycle, no cape, no flight. This was just a terrible rendition. It needed better writing, better budget to at least get him flying, and they need a much better actor than Shaq. Where was Michael Clarke Duncan when we really needed him?

Among the comic-book movies of 1997, the winner goes to Spawn, IMHO.
Complete waste of a decent premise and a potentially strong character
I finally forced myself to watch as much of this as I could stand when the movie appeared on cable. I tried to find something, anything, to like about this film, but it's simply dreadful.

Why do they insist on putting Shaqille O'Neale in movies? However imposing and charismatic he may be in person, and no matter how entertaining he can be in various short TV commercials, he's a dullard and a lug on film. He's got no range, no gravitas, and he's so odd looking in the context of a 'normal' film world that he is actually rather repellent.

I know, I know - Shaq is a celebrity, and celebrity sells.

Some of the problem is that the director and screenwriter paid millions of dollars to cast a 7 foot 2 inch man in the role of an armored, high tech superhero, and then they threw the premise away on story elements and fight scenes that utterly waste the idea's potential.

The DC superhero "Steel" was incredibly powerful, and resourceful: he could fly via boot jets, he fired big steel spikes from wrist launchers, he could pick up and throw railroad box cars, his armor could withstand mortar bursts and artillery fire, and his 'homing' hammer was the neatest visual gimmick since Captain America's shield.And he had a deeply resonant spiritual side as well - he was a man who was brought back from death itself by Superman and destiny, who took up his armor to fight the good fight in a world that needed heroes more than ever.

Instead of all this great potential appearing on the screen, we get a big doofus with a bulletproof suit who runs around on foot and uses his hammer like a gun.

If I wanted to really frustrate myself, I would imagine the black actor who played the Commander of Deep Space Nine (Avery Brooks) being cast in the role of Steel, and the millions of dollars that went into Shaq's salary being spend on cool SFX and CGI, so that Steel could fight sprawling high tech battles with the bad guys from under the sea to the edge of space, with building, bridges and tanks being flattened like tin foil and and attack helicopters getting knocked out of the sky by the hammer. And I would give Avery Brooks, who can ACT with a dignity and potential worthy of James Earl Jones, room to do well all the things that Shag does so badly: act, emote, express rage and anger and indignation at the perfidy of the bad guys, and make you feel too his strife and extremity and pride.

Well, "Steel" killed the franchise, and so we will never know what could have been.

Shaq, go back to playing basketball (and making amusing commercials); you do that supremely well. Please stop inflicting movies on us.

1 star added because the idea of a high tech, armored black superhero who came back from the dead to be a hero was such a great idea. Too bad they dropped the ball so badly.
A lesson in swallowing reality
As an enormous Superman fan I picked this video up (for less than 5 dollars) just to add to my collection. I know it had nothing to do with the actual origins of the DC Comics Steel which came from the Death of Superman story but still has some similarities. The story revolves around John Henry Irons, played of course by Shaq, an army Lieutenant who worked on the creation of high tech sonic weapons along with Susan Sparks, played by Annabeth Gish, and Nathaniel Burk played by Judd Nelson. After a miscalculation leaves Susan paralyzed Irons leaves the army into civilian life. Nathaniel becomes the evil nemesis building the weapons and preparing to sell them to world arms dealers but first testing them on bank robberies with street gangs. Irons with the help of Susan referred to as Sparky and Iron's Uncle Joe played by Richard Roundtree build their own crime fighting weapons as well as a head to toe...well except for his face...outfit of steel.

The acting does get rather bad, it feels like a grade school play, and the jokes get far too reality based as so many people have pointed out. The Shaft joke just isn't funny, and the basketball references are unnecessary but that's not what wrecks the movie. What wrecks the movie is the storyline. They could so easily have based this character after the Superman origin. They made reference to the man of steel so many times that it would not have taken much to create Iron's character following the death of Superman. Shaq is not a terrible actor, there are far worse, but his physical stature makes his regular joe schmoe character almost unbelievable.

He towers above everyone and just looks silly. They never establish any sort of romance between Susan and John Irons although they hint to it, it never turns into anything. The story moves along at a good pace, and I thought Judd Nelson played a kick butt bad guy...although he played it almost sarcastically, it fit the movie really. The special effects were cheesy and obviously cheap but I can look past that. The part that bothers me the most is that his "steel" suit being bullet proof is fine but the good 5 or 6 inches on his face that was uncovered miraculously never got touched by bullets or anything else.

Plot holes are almost expected in a film like this so you have to swallow your reality to enjoy it. But sometimes if the movie isn't good enough, it's not worth swallowing anything. I don't regret watching it, it's not the worst movie I've ever seen that's for sure. 5/10
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free Steel download, as 720p to download it in 1997, one of the first Kenneth Johnson Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Irma P. Hall, Ray J, Gary Graham, Harvey Silver, Kerrie Keane, Eric Saiet, Judd Nelson, Eric Pierpoint, Thom Barry, Richard Roundtree, Shaquille O'Neal, Annabeth Gish, Charles Napier, Hill Harper, Tembi Locke from the movie director Kenneth Johnson 1997 Miami.