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Gladys Hamilton (Seattle) i was told that I can migos One Eight Seven free download, but I did not believe, especially the year 1997 New York. Michael Whitehead (Lexington) Kevin Reynolds One Eight Seven free download Bluray at high speed, and even in the USA Cambridge.
One Eight Seven
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Kevin Reynolds
Samuel L. Jackson as Trevor Garfield
Martha Velez as Mrs. Chacon
Jonah Rooney as Stevie Littleton
Dominic Hoffman as Victor
Karina Arroyave as Rita Martinez
Lobo Sebastian as Benny Chacon
Clifton Collins Jr. as Cesar Sanchez (as Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez)
Tony Plana as Principal Garcia
Kelly Rowan as Ellen Henry
Method Man as Dennis Broadway
John Heard as Dave Childress
Jack Kehler as Larry Hyland
Storyline: High school teacher Trevor Garfield is stabbed by bad-boy student. Fifteen months later, he moves to Los-Angeles to the unruly, predominantly Latino school. He has to tame wolf-like students.
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Confused movie
The premise behind this picture was that a high school teacher could be pushed too far that he forsakes all his much cherished ideals.An impressive idea which goes horribly wrong in this attempt.

Sequel to 7? Definitely not a prequel for 1984.
Great, I thought, Samuel L Jackson. And he's definitely stellar. But he's also the disappointing tip of an incoherent iceberg of a flick. There are so many ideas still-born and undeveloped, and so much time wasted padding out these anecdotal parasites on the narrative that the film just gets boring. You feel like shouting 'Get on with it!' (I did, I watched it at home). The jingle-style ideology statements inserted into every classroom scene (of the classroom 'This place is a Sanctuary!'), mixed focus, slo-mo, rocking shots and filters (blue for NYC, ochre for LA, geddit?) are all excessive. Alas this patronising film-making is a likely corollary to the prejudiced way in which the 'failing students' featured in the film are treated.

At the end we are told 'A teacher wrote this movie'. Well, there's the problem, the studio should have employed a screenplay writer. 2/10
What are you gonna do?
After a vicious assault on him, Trevor Garfield, a teacher, moves cities and works as a temp. However, he finds that things are even worse at his new school. Dealing with an important subject, this is immensely engaging and tense. While not based on any specific case, this was written by an actual teacher, and, frankly, it does feel terrifyingly authentic and realistic. The psychology is completely accurate, and this is not black and white. This is well-paced, and never boring. The plot is compelling throughout, and though you can figure some things out before they occur, this most likely *will* surprise you. Every acting performance is spot-on, and all roles are marvelously cast. Jackson is impeccable, and his particular knack for playing someone who holds anger and may lose control at any moment is excellent for this. This has a great soundtrack, with music that fits the environment(which is very nicely established; they found perfect locations and types of people), without making it appealing. The editing and cinematography are incredible, if dangerously close to being flashy. There is a bit of brutal, bloody violence, a lot of disturbing content, moderately frequent strong language and brief nudity in this. I recommend this to anyone mature enough to handle it. 7/10
Sombre, depressive, unentertaining and mainly dislikeable.

"187" is as bitter and unwatchable as films come. Its gritty take on the average gangland high school sure isn't a pretty one. The real problem here is that there isn't a trace of hope throughout the movie. While similarly themed movies such as "Dangerous Minds" followed the same plotlines, they left you feeling moderately satisfied. "187" just leaves you depressed and the dim-lit backdrops don't help the film either.

Samuel L. Jackson slowly turns insane throughout the movie and about half way through, you stop routing for him and just hope the movie will end on a good note. The supporting cast isn't very likeable either.

Overall, you'll probably think "187" is one of two things. An unglamorous, but humane portrayal of the American high school. Or you'll think it's dull, unattractive and loathable. I chose the latter, 4.5/10.
ultimately serves its purpose
There has been quite a number of movies made on this particular subject, some like the Sidney Poitier one, are classics, some like the one with James Belushi is just plain repetitive and there are some that are mocking the above, like the one with Jon Lovitz, for example. I thought I had seen them all, but this one, I believe in the just purpose of making a point that there is an ever growing part of the "civilized" world that society has completely lost grip of, manages to almost transcend the genre. Almost because after a gritty opening this one completely loses it's voice in the roaring noise they call score, which is inappropriate, and cheap stylistic bravado like the slow-mo.

The accentuation of ever growing anxiety and build-up of retaliative power of the main character, however, plus the gratification of, admittedly this viewer's, too, desire to see some sort of retribution, on the other hand, proves it made its point.
A review on "187"
Samuel L. Jackson is not only one of the coolest guys alive, he´s also a great character actor what this film shows very impressively. I don´t know how bad the circumstances at some American schools really are, but I think "187" is much more realistic than liars like "Dangerous Minds". Kevin Reynolds also did a great job as director. In the whole film there are no spectacular things happening, but it is suspense-packed and dramatic from beginning till the end. Also the photography and the score are excellent, because they reflect the depressive and hopeless situation perfectly. The "Deer Hunter"-like showdown and the desperate speech of Rita at the end will keep you sitting on the chair, left deep impressed and considering, while the whole film is already over for a long time. (9/10)
great camerawork, convoluted message
187 is a well done, almost beautiful film that has some major flaws. First of all, it is nearly impossible to sympathize with any of the characters. Jackson's is an admirable man who goes psycho. His love interest's is not developed enough to have any kind of emotional impact on the audience. And all of the students are portrayed as ignorant, depraved, and downright evil.

The film perpetuates racial stereotypes and instills a fear of the urban poor, without offering any solutions or any deep investigation of the root of the problem. Also, some of the dialogue is a little trite.

That said, 187 is fun to watch. Jackson is always interesting, and the dynamic camerawork combined with the smoggy, yellow light of East LA creates a steady mood and eerie feeling. It's probably the best of the "dedicated teacher in a bad neighborhood" genre of the 90s. But that's not saying much.
To Sir With Hate..To Students With Blood !
At the end of 1960s the ideal teacher faced his students' disturbance by good understanding and sympathy, then at the 1990s became the only way for the ideal teacher to face his students' savagery is a more wild savagery. So it's not (To Sir With Love) anymore...It's (The Count of Monte Cristo) or (Psycho) !

(187) is the satirical movie in a form of a horror, or it's the case of our nightmare factual life already, or maybe it's one of the most melancholic "what if" movies ever. But anyway its highest point was that concept of (meet violence with violence) whereas the chaos will bring nothing but chaos, the blood which leads to more blood, and the ultimate havoc will be definitely for the both sides (The teacher and the student) as long as the previous side (the system) is absolute free at decision and insanity ! This is the message of this movie, its good premonition, and its discrete antecedence despite its own exaggerations and its too melodramatic ending.

Actually (Kevin Reynolds) made solid, turbid, and dismal atmosphere out of this story by using a lot of elements to express such a dreadful experience. For instance you'll find so many red (blood) and blue (grief) all over the screen, or varies between sick yellow and gloomy black with a hot image in a sweat all the time like they're all (teacher and students) in one cell and no one will let the other live, but that desire was importunate to the extent that you may feel – especially with the drastic events and that Russian roulette's end ! – That the movie nearly sunk under it. Although I believe that not all the movies must be dreamy with happy ending but I believe also that the exaggeration of a message can powerfully destroy it, so I think the main problem here is that the well meaning statement became unintentionally overstatement.
The substitute
Kevin Reynolds, the director of "One Eighty Seven", a film written by Scott Yagermann, supposedly a teacher himself, shows he is a man that clearly understands today's problems in the inner city schools.

Some of the children, of mostly immigrant parents, are lured to join gangs in order to survive the hostile environment. These are the same children who could benefit from the free education in their new adopted country. Instead of making something out of themselves, they create their own problems and will end up doing menial work, or in jail because of the choices they make.

This is the basic premise to this story, in which, a decent man and an excellent teacher, is stabbed at the beginning of the film, and not only is his body injured, but also his spirit. The relocation from Brooklyn to L.A. proves to be the wrong move. If Trevor Garfield thought he had it bad in New York, he is not prepared for a school system in California that seems to be a disgrace.

This particular school, where Trevor is hired as a substitute teacher, has some of the most dangerous teen agers of the city. It appears that kids have the upper hand in whatever is going on because its principal is more interested in avoiding being sued by the students than in educating them. In fact, they rule the school. The worst thing that comes out in the film is how Cesar, a teen ager, who is a bully and a criminal, can't even read! There are a few other aspects the film is trying to explore. Teachers who are corrupt, like is the case with Dave Childress, who admits to having had sex with one of the students. The young woman who is being helped by Mr. Garfield turns against him, only to redeem herself at the end, after it's too late for her to recognize a valuable lesson Trevor taught her.

Samuel L. Jackson gives an intense performance portraying Trevor Garfield. Mr. Jackson shows in the film another dimension to his method of acting. He is never boring. John Heard is the corrupt Dave. Kelly Rowan is Ellen, a teacher who judges her fellow teacher and is repulsed by what she finds out. Clifton Collins is good as Cesar, the ignorant young man, a product of the gang mentality. Karina Arroyoave is seen as Rita.

"One Eighty Seven" is an eye opener about why some students aren't learning in school and a tribute to the teachers that are trying to educate them in spite of the horrors in the classroom.
Its pretty extreme
I watched this movie with great interest. It really has some truth to it, the way kids act in school, and the way they treat their teachers. It also shows the effects a teacher can have on their students, by the way they treat them.

Samuel L. Jackson is the over conscious teacher Garfield, who tries to make the lessons interesting and funny for the students, until one day he suffers an attack, which brings him to near death, and from that day on things change drastically for him.

It is an interesting movie, but not at all breath taking, and it is a little too extreme, the way the teacher changes in his behavior. The students are played very good, and it gives a sort of gang banger feeling, but all in all it has some flaws. Like the behavior shift, the overly aggressive students and the story is somewhat murky.

But, if you wanna watch another movie about schools and teachers and students that act crazy and violent, then go watch this, you just might enjoy it.
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Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free One Eight Seven download, as 720p to download it in 1997, one of the first Kevin Reynolds Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Samuel L. Jackson, Ebony Monique Solomon, Martha Velez, Demetrius Navarro, Jonah Rooney, Dominic Hoffman, Karina Arroyave, Lobo Sebastian, Clifton Collins Jr. , Tony Plana, Kelly Rowan, Method Man, John Heard, Jack Kehler, Johnny Bogris from the movie director Kevin Reynolds 1997 Miami.