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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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An intriguing downer
I didn't have too much trouble following this film after the first ten minutes - maybe because I'm a touch dyslexic, and I'd seen the backward Seinfeld wedding-in-India episode several times. It was ingenious that while the central character had his puzzle to figure out, we as an audience were given one that paralleled his.

But the further Memento progressed, the more I felt that I neither liked nor related to any of the characters, who become more one-dimensional the further back in time we encounter them, and that then becomes who they really are. It's not a film I would have cared to see had it been chronological.

Take Groundhog Day, make it the others in the film who know what's going on, then change it from a comedy to a moody thriller with a bunch of sleazeballs, and you have Memento. It gives the impression not only that nothing is as it seems, but that no one can be trusted, and everyone is parasitic when given the opportunity. It's sad that so many people have praised it, given it's jaundiced view of humanity.

Yes, it's a milestone, a new Third Man for the new century. I recommend it only as a study in film-making and storytelling. You may smile at the tricks in the unfolding of the magic. But if you have the simple desire to see real, complex characters -- with both good sides and human failings -- they won't turn up in Memento.

By the end - or beginning, as it were -- the completion of the puzzle only creates an ugly, slimy picture. It's like watching the magician pull a dead rabbit from his hat. At a different time in my life, I'd have been a lot more impressed.
Just a deception package!
Just a deception package! In NO WAY this picture is only half as intelligent as it pretends to be. A quite good idea in deed, but after a promising start it gets a heavy-handed, mechanical and predictable bore and a pure letdown, especially because it stays beyond the means. And sorry folks: It really is no achievement to UNDERSTAND this movie -but it sure is to to keep up till the end.
Mass hysteria?
Memento is far from an original concept and the plot closely resembles Swiss-cheese. It quite simply does not warrant the praise given it, which I suspect is heavily weighted by the 15-21 male demographic (see Bottle Rocket). The blatant contradictions presented by the sub-standard writing are conveniently covered with mind-numbing violence (as opposed to that which is stimulating, thereby justifying the waste of 90 minutes of my life). Ooh! I have no memory; it must be a "condition"!

If you don't get it because it is so "mind-blowing", wait until you grow up and understand that being confused by the story doesn't indicate clever writing. I can't stress enough, SAVE YOUR VOTE UNTIL PUBERTY IS OVER! At the very least, commit to a second viewing before casting! It is simply embarrassing to indicate that this movie is rated as #9 by US voting standards (what are the French going to think?). It is going to lower the standards of movies being produced worldwide!

Resist the temptation to fall into the pit of hype! Watch Groundhog Day instead.
Nice idea that is stretched out too long
This movie has a nice idea that it stretches out too long. It's not a bad movie, but knowing the ending and story takes all of the suspense and questions of the movie. A counterexample would be Fight Club, where the ending adds a real twist to the whole movie but dosen't spoil it for the next time you view it, you just view it with different eyes, as Fight Club has more to offer than the ending.

Some SPOILERS are ahead due to the nature of the movie. I don't think they will spoil the movie totally for you, but they might lower your expectations towards this movie, and you might even decide not to spend money or precious time on it :

The movie is told backwards, so the viewer has no memory of what happened "before", like the protagonist. The plot has (in retrospect) some holes that don't get filled, mostly regarding Dodd, a seemingly key figure, who in the end is completely insubstantial.

I expected a murder mystery movie bordering towards a film noir, but except for the explanation at the films end (and thus, at the beginning of the story), the story is completely banal. The story is climatic towards the end of the movie, but the end dosen't live up to the suspense that was built up during the movie.

As Leonard has conditioned himself to operate on a few promises, he reacts to every situation in the same manner, which makes many scenes repetitive. Partly, this is necessary to demonstrate how he ticks, partly this is entertaining as the viewer already knows how Leonard will react in a scene, but the whole concept is stretched too long like a running gag repeated some times too often. The film would be better entertainment if it wasn't 2 hours long.
the most important English language film of the 21st century
I write this after having to write a bad review of Nolan's "batman Begins." "Memento". after more than seven years, remains the most important English language film of the 21st century. Into it, Nolan pours all the fundamental problems of film, and the fundamental problems of memory that gave rise to film in the first place.

It takes about four viewings to get any grip on this film - yet none of these viewings feel wasted in any way, as though the director has played tricks on us - on the contrary, it is the film's bald-face honesty which leaves us in despair of ever getting just the right handle on all the details and the characters.

Its hard to understand how Nolan could have betrayed himself and his vision after this film, by selling out to Hollywood's highest bidders - hopefully, he'll recover and give us the Christopher Nolan film we should expect after seeing this one.

But in any event, this remains one of the most important films ever made - brilliantly written, filmed, acted, edited - a necessary companion piece to Welles' "Citizen Kane" or Eisenstein's "Potemkin" - hopefully, Christopher Nolan will actually direct another film some day....
Mediocre story saved by cinematographic contrivance
Perhaps because this movie was rated SO HIGHLY, my viewing was tainted by unrealistically bolstered expectations. Maybe...

There was a strange twist of irony at work here: the more I watched this film the less I liked it. What began as a wonderfully, refreshing look at (reverse) story-telling, became less entertaining and more tedious with each passing (and re-passing) flash-back (or is that flash-forward?)

Part of this film played like an old Twilight Zone episode I recall seeing many years ago. And that's not a bad thing. I enjoyed piecing together the "why" of the plot, since we already knew the "what." However, generally uninteresting and unappealing characters mar the performances, and while our hero may be unaware of time, as a viewer I was painfully aware of how his film seemed to drag, lacking a good sense of timing. As for the ending, it too could have been given the same delicious touches as the beginning sequence, but alas, it does nothing to reward the viewer for having endured the bulk of the film.

One reviewer commented how well this HIGHLY RATED film will hold up in another few years when compared to the classics. Others have asked how on earth it could have rated so high to begin with. The former will be answered on its own, and I believe time will not be too kind. The answer to the latter is akin to the McDonald's Syndrome: Those who grew up eating Big Macs on a regular basis erroneously come to believe it's actually good food. Perhaps compared to what Hollywood is offering these days, Memento is indeed gourmet fare. To me, it's still just a hamburger. (6 out of 10).

Come on people, it wasn't THAT good
Before I rant on the absurdity of Memento being currently ranked #14 on the Top 250 list, I'll say what I liked about it. Yes, it was an extremely entertaining, original and well-done all around film. The acting was first rate, the story decent, and the film makers did a great job putting it all together.

However, I may be crazy, and I'm sure the "film snobs" will grit their teeth at this, but at the end of the day, isn't Memento just a gimmick? A water cooler novelty? I mean, basically they took a slightly above average plot and did something new, and granted inventive, by editing the film structure in reverse. For the most part, the movie is pretty much shown from end to beginning. Yes, they did enough to make things make sense in between, but essentially it was an exercise in "hey, let's make a movie, and then edit it so everyone will talk about that reverse movie".

I don't care what anyone says. That's the bottom line, period. I've talked with plenty of fellow movie buffs who I consider to be reasonably intelligent, and some are even the snob-types mentioned above. And none of us can figure out what all the fuss is about. Maybe we ain't that smart.

I hate to get into comparisons, because it's difficult to compare different types of movies. But be honest, if you can tell me with a straight face that Memento is an overall better film than "Apocalypse Now", "A Clockwork Orange", "Pulp Fiction", "Goodfellas", "Fight Club", "Jaws", "Chinatown", "Raiders of The Lost Ark", "American Beauty", "Silence of the Lambs" and a large chunk of the other 230 films ranked below it, than you just need to sit back, take a deep breath, reel in that massive "I'm a nonconformist art-house movie aficionado" thing and get a reality check. It was a good movie, but it wasn't that good.
Confusion, uncertainty, and paranoia as an art form: possibly.
If I told you the entire plot of this film it really wouldn't matter as it is an exquisite paean to the subjectivity of memory and therefore is in itself ambiguous; the ‘truth' of it is up to you. You come out of the cinema questioning yourself, your memories, your truths. Nothing in this film is as it seems, and yet paradoxically everything is as it seems. We see everything through Guy Pearce's characters' (Lenny) eyes, unfortunately he has no short-term memory so cannot form new memories. He would have already forgotten the first sentence of this review. He lives in snapshots of life; his only form of memory is his Polaroid camera, just like in the excellent German film Wintersleepers; also (partly) about a short-term memory disorder.

In this film Lenny takes snapshots to remember who people are, where he now lives, his car, everything. As you can imagine this is perfect for paranoia, suspicion, uncertainty, confusion, and betrayal. And that's exactly what you get in extreme doses. The difference between this film and Wintersleepers however is that Memento is entirely from Lenny's perspective. This therefore creates an imaginative, creatively unsurpassable film. The film begins where it should end, so far so trite, but here's the beauty, we, like Guy Pearce, learn in fragments what's going on. It is therefore perfect for those who love to second guess what's going to happen, who did what, who's doing what and why. The beauty of this film though is that my interpretation could be so different from yours, and neither of us could be sure whose interpretation is the right one; if there is a right one at all. Nothing is certain, nothing is clear. Another beauty of this film is the way it is filmed and edited. Pieces are shown a number of times with no real linear link between them, just like it would be if we ourselves had a memory disorder, and then they are cut up and edited next to things that happen either before or after it. It's just like holding ten different and linearly distinct Polaroids in your hand and having a short-term memory disorder. Excellent.

I'm not even sure if watching it again will make things any less ambiguous, but then who cares? The ambiguity is what makes this a great film, if it wasn't so cut up, or from Lenny's perspective it would be both very short and trite; and lacking in tension, suspense and interest. But as it stands it has all three, isn't trite and says so much about humanity. Oh, and the plot? It really doesn't matter, all you need to know is that everything about this film is indicative of the subjectivity of memory, of our experiences and interpretations of all that happens to us. Nothing will seem as black and white as it did beforehand. It will make you question every memory you have, almost as much as possessing a psychology degree, as I do! So, go and see it: be confused, acknowledge the frailty of all you know to be true, and then imagine the freedom of actually being Lenny, and then the horror of having nothing, nothing but the reliance of a pen and a Polaroid camera to know who you are.
total confusion
Many people seem to consider this to be a brilliant film. Not me. It was a confusing barrage of flash backs, flash forwards, flash whatevers... There were few times when I thought I was beginning to get the drift of what was going on, but that's not how I felt by the end of the film. I believe that the intention of this film is just to mess with your mind, and that was not the sort entertainment that I was looking for when I watched it. Perhaps, at the end of the movie, they hoped I could have empathy with what it must be like to suffer from the memory condition that this guy has, so they tried to create an environment where my brain is turning itself inside out while trying to understand what's going on. Perhaps they succeeded, but I didn't like it and don't recommend it.
watch it early so you can see something else afterward.
I saw "Memento" in the early afternoon, a fact for which I am thankful. Why? Because it then proceeded to dominate the majority of my thoughts for the rest of the day. That night I lay in bed, tossing and turning, my mind trying to wrap itself around the story, and I absolutely could not GO TO SLEEP!

I finally just gave up on sleep, got up around midnight, and watched "Election" to cleanse my palate. Then I went back to bed and starting contemplating "Memento" AGAIN. Finally, out of sheer exhaustion, I went to sleep.

This is a movie that gets in your head and will not get out until you figure it all out. And that can only be done with extensive internet research. Reading "Memento Mori", the short story upon which the movie is "based" helped, too.

"Memento" is nothing short of a phenomenon. And a brilliant one at that.
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