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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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God awful
Worst film I have seen in about 10 years. I was originally going to see star trek, but watched this due to the fact some of my party had already seen Star trek into darkness. What can I say? Shallow characters, bad acting, terrible script, long winded hard to swallow fight scenes combined with a storyline that made no sense. It started off alright, Russel Crowe's performance was solid and the storyline seemed good, but then it fell apart, with characters so weak that you didn't even care if they lived or died (sorry Laurence Fishburne & co).

Maybe it was due to the fact I kept expecting it to get better but I sat through the whole thing (not to mention that it seemed to go on forever), Cheesy lines and boring fight scenes don't mix. Oh yeah the fight scenes, Jesus, nothing more exciting than seeing two people knock each other through buildings only for them to get up completely 15 times? I get that they have superhuman strength, but surely they should be able to hurt each other?

I LOVE films, love sci-fi too but this film is fit for the bin. Can't believe how much positive feedback it's getting. weak =(
Indestructible grunting Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
There are always hyped up "best movie ever" reviews, even for the worst of movies. Transformers2 and After Earth come to mind.

SPOILERS Krypton scenes straight out of Matrix (human pods), and Avatar (flying dragon), and Star Wars (weird shiny flying city lasers.. I was expecting a light saber any second).

Kryptonians have been exploring the stars, colonizing planets for 100,000 years only to stop recently... in ironic twist, the only two spacecraft are a prison ship for General Zod who tried to overthrow the government, and one only big enough for a baby. Oh and prison ship releases everybody when the home-world explodes - Seriously?

The beginning is OK. Young Clark is angry his father wont let him use his powers. But crucial character development missing. You don't see Clark smile, laugh, learn, or have any sense of what's on his mind, because he's a mindless frowning drifter.

General consensus on inter-webs has two categories of Man of Steel watchers: those who got super bored by beginning but gave 10/10 because of over 1 hr of non-stop punching and throwing through buildings, and those like me who watched in horror as your friendly neighborhood nice guy turns into the hulk smashing everything in sight.

People on Krypton are genetically engineered, and would be super strong if not for the poor air and faint sunlight on Krypton. Krypton had a archive of all DNA - the codex (no backups). Zod arives in giant spaceship and demands Kal-El (superman) to get Codex. USA military arrests Superman and hands him over to Zod. Superman bleeds from breathing poor air, but freed by Lois. Zod's invincible goons search Superman's baby ship for it, and fight him demolishing small town, killing plenty of soldiers. But Superman cracks helmet and gives them x- ray vision superpowers which they don't have Superman 33 years experience to control.

So, the aliens send down a terra-forming ship which stars destroying Metropolis and making air poor like Krypton's. In a "surprise" twist, it turns out the Codex is embedded in Superman's cells. Superman smashes the machine in 1 punch, and then starts 15 rounds of boxing with Zod (who got super powerful breathing Earth's air), smashing through building like Hulk, while military throws his baby spaceship into Zod's spaceship because it will cause blackhole. Finally, Superman gets really mad, strains like constipated and kills Zod... and flash forward Clark disguised with black glasses as reporter.

So, what's wrong? EVERYTHING - young Clark saves kids but watches hurricane engulf his dad - all the kids find out he has superpowers, all town's people when he's fighting Zod's goons, and Lois tells everybody Clark is a super alien, yet he disguides himself by putting on black glasses. - No backup to codex.. seriously? Why not take Superman's blood he bled. And why Earth.. you can terraform any planet. Heck, we have super air, why "pollute" it? - no "its bird, its plane, its superman"... nobody admires him - he is like Hulk smashing villains through cars and buildings - so what's the whole point of inspiration speech by his father about being hero. - how can Superman be a hero. Hero is sacrifice for others. What can he sacrifice when he's invincible... we never see a bruise or scratch. - why bother giving military orders to drop his baby spaceship into Zod's ship if he's super strong and can do it lickedy split. And two "warp drives" explode if they collide - so how did Krypton;s people explore the stars? - since when was Superman so bossy? - 0 romance. 0 comedy. Only iconic memorable lines are spoken by Rusell Crowe. Superman makes up for only 6-7 lines, with plenty of frowning, grunting and angry face.. is he Hulk constipated? is this Halloween? - Dark Knight, Avatar, Avengers, even all 3 Transformers had memorable lines, laughs, comradery and imaginative original atmosphere. This new Superman has nothing... there was nothing distinctive. Just same generic skyrise being smashed over and over like punching bag.

Honestly, the legions of people voting this movie as perfect speaks to the extent of the brain drain in this world.

Man of Steel is EXACTLY what's wrong with Hollywood. It is the absolute worst of all the superhero movies ever created.
Don' waste your time with this movie.
Superman fans will be extremely disappointed with this version of the Superman story. First of all Superman does not kill. That in itself should deter any true Superman fans from this movie. There are so many other changes in the Superman and Kryptonian myth that the story that goes completely against what has gone on in the past that is was very disconcerting to me. Also I am not a big fan of CGI which I believe is just a colossal waste of money. I for one will not go to view a movie that uses this technique to exploit violence and destruction in place of a good story. So if you are a true Superman fan avoid this movie or you will be very disappointed.
There are plenty of reviews which highlight the countless inconsistencies of this movie (the director should be made to watch it), so I won't mirror these.

What bothered me far more were the numerous religious/theistic tones and symbolism throughout the movie, highlighting the entire wreck as nothing more than a vehicle for some Christianity-selling.

I'm, of course, talking about the title character's baffling, needless Jesus Christ pose in Earth's orbit, the female 'baddie's' childish, claim that "Evolution always wins' (that why the majority of humans are God-fearing despite no sensible reason, facts shunned in favour of here-say), and Superman's Earth-father telling him that he was 'sent to Earth for a reason', that old, egotistical attitude that encourages people to believe that the vast entirety of the universe operates solely to benefit the youngest, most destructive species on a tiny planet in a quiet corner of one galaxy among billions.

And people told me that the movie was "Awesome"?! Why? What exactly does it do that's original/inventive/creative/unique? It's simply another cleverly marketed money-machine to keep hollowood rich, and YOU, the people, allowed it.

Absolutely ridiculous, and an insult to my intelligence.

That said, the effects were pretty good it places.

Please, though, people, let's not settle for this kind of mindless nonsense. You need to want more from your movies if you want to see better ones.
Swing and a Miss!
"Man of Steel" is not just a failure on it's story, but a catastrophic meltdown right down to the fundamental core.

1.) If you didn't have tinnitus going into the movie, you will when you come out. This is one of the most unnecessarily decibel cranking movies I have ever seen, that's not me being oversensitive, i've sat through plenty of loud movies.

2.) The Krypton story. I appreciate that time was taken to explore Superman's home planet, parents, and how he came to be on Earth. It's also when I started to become uneasy with this movie. Zod & co. are convicted and sentenced, and a huge spacecraft collects them for punishment.

I could accept that perhaps this supposed advanced culture's arrogance stopped it from seeing it was doomed (I'll reluctantly give it a pass, it's been in every Superman i've ever seen, But why didn't Jor-el utilize a bigger ship? Surely he'd figure out how, or own one of his own. I didn't question this in the original Donner version because no Spacecraft scene was there, only the weird mirror.

3.) The Codex. Jor-el swims through fields of growing babies left over from the Matrix, grabs a skull, dissolves it, and infuses it into his baby. Couldn't we just stick with he obtained powers from passing through a sun?

When you suck all the mysticism and wonder from a story, something is lost in translation. (that's you Star Wars prequels).

Likewise this happens when you try to shovel in as much ridiculous crap as you can.

4.) Pa Kent. Wasn't this supposed to be the surrogate father that Clark loved, respected and who helped to mold him into a good man? Watch as he treats his son with indifference and coldness. His demise, a scene that is supposed to be powerful and poignant, is instead boiled down to a stupid action scene for no real reason at all. Costner really phoned this one in.

5.) Some stories are means to be dark and full of drama and angst. Superman is not one of them, and it shows. It's a huge trend now to make every super hero story dark and depressing, this works great for comics like Batman or Watchmen, but backfires horribly for Superman,(Take a note from "The Avengers" guys, it's possible to be successful and convincing without being dark all the time.)

Am I saying he can't be frustrated, angry or upset? No, of course not. Reference again the Donner version for how this can be achieved properly and effectively.

6.) Numerous miscasts. Don't care for Henry Cavill...I just couldn't get into him as Superman, and I tried, I really did, he just didn't convince me.

Likewise on Amy Adams, who took me so far outside the character of Lois Lane there was no going back. She also lacks any chemistry what-so-ever with Superman.

Fishburne is well...there, but nothing about him is memorable. Diane Lane is serviceable.

7.) Superman doesn't act like Superman, and may actually cause more casualties that any villain, device, in this movie. Huge buildings are destroyed, countless people are incinerated, crushed or seemingly blown up, and it goes on forever.

This contributed greatly to the further removal of myself from the Superman character, frankly this molds him into more of a douchebag hellbent on personal vengeance than it does as a hero. (btw there is continuance here of the "Jesus" savior references from the last movie..ridiculous.) There no way I could invest in him, I promise I tried, I did.

8.) Other misc. stuff thrown in that bothered me. Lois in the Arctic, there was absolutely no reason for her to be there. The dumb Arctic spaceship and the equally ridiculous contents therein. The anti-climatic death of Zod.

9.) Lois Lane on board with the army/Air Force with the baby ship. Why do movie makers constantly feel the compulsion to have characters do things for the sake of having them in some big action scene. Lois functions best as the snoopy reporter, and occasional damsel in distress.

A few things I liked about the movie:

1.) The terraforming machine was cool. I "guess" I could buy the explanation about terraforming other planets. It's not the worst plot line they could've come up with. I liked the way the CGI/special effects for it were done.

2.) General Zod. One of two characters I actually enjoyed. Too bad they didn't develop him more or give him some real dimension. But Michael Shannon does a great job. After a while his scenes were the only ones I looked forward to. At least he had some passion, conviction, and reasons behind him doing the things he's doing. After the disaster the rest of this movie is, you'll find yourself rooting from him. (um, filmmakers, this is what you intended right? You didn't want me to root for the hero did you?)Too bad we won't be seeing him again as Superman offed him horribly.

3.) Jor-el was great. Russell Crowe did a great job. He was a highlight for me. There was more intensity and emotion in interactions between himself and Zod (both "hologram" Jor-El and person Jor-el) than collectively between anyone else in the entire movie. Great job guys.

Skip this one, you'll feel mad at wasting your hard earned money on the ticket. If you were a fan of the Donner series (I am.) Remember your hero as Christopher Reeve portrayed him, brave, honorable, kind, and properly angsty and emotional.

2/10 for Shannon and Crowe, and for some of the effects.
A great hero gets a great movie
When I was watching the trailer for man of steel I felt that this movie will be the greatest movie for Superman and also it will take the sci-fi genre to the another level and finally when I saw the movie all of my expectations were full filled the movies action scenes were new though the origin was old but they had made a superman which is very difficult to make.

I like this movie and waiting for its next sequel.

In this movie Mr.Snyder has given one of the greatest directions in superhero genre. My results for this movie are positive and I hope the next installment will be greater than this one.

So after watching this film my expectations are now higher from its sequel hope it will also exceed my expectations
Superman For Retards: Nobility Free
Spoilers Ahead:

First, it has the mark of all bombs, scenes that are putatively serious that evoke loud laughter from the audience, e.g. Costner being whisked away by the funnel from the Wizard Of Oz. Second, Jor-el is an intellectual, how many intellectuals do you know who are Kung Fu experts? How about they are advanced but nobody leaves when the planet goes to crap? How many people die due to this Superman's utter indifference to collateral damage. It is not just the finale, even in that little town, how many people die because this moron cannot figure out to get away from populated areas? The Codex is the holy grail but there are no back ups? The security around it is like this? He can live in a vacuum but Zod's space ship's gas, they had the chili, evidently, makes him bleed and pass out. Now, if Zod can adapt this quickly within say six minutes, which took Superman years, what would their fight be like? How long would a farm boy last against a SEAL Team Leader? Zod was from the warrior caste, as he says to Cavil,"I was trained to be a warrior, where did you learn to fight on a farm?"

The other fatal death blow is the temporal juxtaposition over the first half of the movie. Back and forth, boyhood and adulthood, which obliterates any chance of a coherent, linear narrative of any kind. Costner, you should have let them die? Yes, don't criticize him, he learns this lesson well and applies it all through the movie. In Superman 2, Lester has Reeve lead the super villains up to the fortress of solitude. Look, notice that big body of water out there known as an ocean? Lead them out there, anywhere but in the middle of the biggest city on earth. Cavil did the same damage to Showtime's The Tudors that he does here. He is cast for his looks, here as there, unfortunately the man has two expressions: indifference and constipation. The movie does not contain holes; the movie is a giant, irrational, poorly written piece of poop. Yes, throw an old lady thirty feet up into the air: she will be just fine.

He knew the ship was there? How? The acting is dreadful, it is loud, boring and stupid. Poorly written, it makes the third one look like Key Largo. Costner gives a boring, inflection-less, sleep walking performance. The main flaw of the film, besides its temporal flippy floppy, is that Superman kills huge numbers of people yet has an aneurysm when Zod is about to deep fry a family? Why? How many people were in those buildings? How about the small town? See, he saves people: he does not kill huge numbers of them. Crowe babbles the requisite New Age Crap about bringing them into the Light: Gee, does that mean not killing huge numbers of them? I think the movie is an exact reflection of its culture; the utter indifference to others and their suffering, this is not an accident. Open your front door, welcome to the insane asylum. A Masterpiece Of Loud, Stupid Manure.

"The Educated Differ From The Uneducated Greater Than Do The Living From The Dead." Aristotle
An interesting, realistic, fast-paced and action packed beginning to the 'Man of Steel' series
After Bryan Singer's unsatisfactory movie, 'Superman Returns', Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' is much up to the mark. With Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer as the main script writers, a more realistic superhero has been portrayed. The movie revolves around the main story of the comics with minor modifications to give it a modern touch. The movie begins with Zor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer) giving natural birth to Kal-El. We see that the Kryptonians have led to their destruction by harvesting their planet's core. Meanwhile, General Zod (Michael Shannon) leads a group of rebels and kills the members of the Kryptonian Council. In the midst of this chaos, Zor-El sacrifices his own life to save his son's, who is sent to Earth. As the movie proceeds the resemblance between Krypton and Earth is more vivid and we have an eerie feeling about the fate of our planet.

After this we see the story of Kal-El's, who is also known as Clark Kent, childhood and the problems faced by him when he was unable to control his powers and how he overcame the problems. When he grows up he learns to control his powers and use them whenever he wants. There is a scene where Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) tries to fly but fails in the first few attempts. These small scenes make the movie more realistic. As for the romantic side of 'Superman', we do not see much of it although a brief instance of Clark-Lois relationship is shown. This does not affect the movie as in this fast paced remake there was hardly any place for romance. Lois Lane (Amy Adams), the 'Pulitzer Prize' winning reporter plays an important role in this movie. There is a spine tickling moment when Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) waves his hand to prevent Clark from protecting him and thus surrendering to death to protect his son's identity.

After this comes the superb action sequences, backed by Hans Zimmer's background music. Even though Ben Affleck had turned down the movie, Zack Snyder has proved again that he is the best in directing action sequences. The use of hand-held cameras to create the jerky movements was very effective. The actions were well developed and were not like mindless blowing of cars as in 'The Transformers'. In the end superman unwillingly kills General Zod, the last surviving Kryptonian to protect the humans. As is said, "The end justifies the means", the same happens in the movie where at the end we are left hungry for more. When we see Clark Kent taking up his profession as a photographer for the 'Daily Planet' we understand that this is merely the beginning to a series of the 'Man of Steel' movies.

Do not think that the movie is over or you will miss Lois Lane's words to Clark, "Welcome to the Planet", where the word planet can mean both the 'Daily Planet' and the Earth. This is a blockbuster superhero fans should not miss although if you are expecting a fourth version of 'The Dark Knight' series you might be disappointed. In reply to Clark Kent's question, "Are we ready yet?" my answer is, "Yes, we are ready for the next movie in the 'Man of Steel' series and would be anxiously waiting for it".

If Iron Man 3 gets a 7.6 on 10, this movie deserves nothing less than an 8.1.
The worlds greatest superhero gets the movie he deserves.
I saw Man Of Steel last night at an advance screening and at no point was I looking down on the movie.From the trailers and TV spots the movie really gets you interested and dying for more.And the Movie itself soars(yes I know ha-ha)above the expectations.

First of all Henry Cavill is an excellent Clark Kent/Superman.He really gives the character that "not wanted" or "don't feel like you belong" feeling.The cast in the movie is excellent including Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon.Russell Crowe really expands on Jor-el's character and makes him more than just a voice helping Clark.Michael Shannon as Zod is terrific.He was even better than Superman 2's Zod.

The fight scenes in the movie are astonishing.It makes up for all the lack of conflict Superman Returns had.The fight scenes are very destructive yes but there is a very good story around it so it wasn't just mindless explosions like Transformers.Man of steel was by far the best movie of the year.
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free Man of Steel download, as 720p to download it in 2013, one of the first Zack Snyder Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Michael Kelly, Jadin Gould, Tahmoh Penikett, Richard Cetrone, Dylan Sprayberry, Antje Traue, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Richard Schiff, Harry Lennix, David Paetkau, Cooper Timberline from the movie director Zack Snyder 2013 Miami.