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Kingsman: The Secret Service
Crime, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Samuel L. Jackson as Valentine
Jordan Long as Poodle
Cali as Dean's gang member #3
Neve Gachev as Reporter (rumored)
Paulina Boneva as Shop Customer
Taron Egerton as Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin
Tom Prior as Hugo
Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin
Alex Nikolov as Little Eggsy
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle
Richard Brake as The Interrogator
Velibor Topic as Big Goon
Mark Hamill as James Arnold
Corey Johnson as Church Leader
Jack Davenport as Lancelot
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Geoff Bell as Dean
Adrian Quinton as Terrorist
Storyline: Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by , Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
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Excellent: Fast Moving And Well Written
Spoilers Ahead:

The highest praise that can be bestowed upon an action movie is its unpredictability. I dare anyone to tell me what is going to happen other than Valentine's eventual defeat. It is so rare, especially in today's cinema, to find a treasure, like this, that is so well written that its script is utterly fantastic. Firth, always an excellent actor, carries his role so well. The juxtaposition of his stern, conservative dress with his incredible violence and skills at wiping out rooms full of people like lightning, this gives the movie a lightness over the comic book violence that is always done as bloodlessly as possible. Even when Valentine's girlfriend / bodyguard slices and dices people it is not like 300, we do not endure buckets of blood going everywhere. The most graphic sequence, in the church, when Valentine turns the signal on that turns everybody into Dick Cheney; it is violent but the blood letting is very mild. The exploding head scene at the end, when he turns the chip on world wide is almost comic. One scene, not for kiddies, is the mother trying to Axe through the door to kill her baby. The pacing is very rare. Try finding a movie this long that moves like this. Even before Eggie is brought into the competition to be a Kingsman, there is plenty of action with some local jerks at the pub.

The hardest part of an English movie for Americans is that their accent is often very difficult to follow. Yes, I know, supposedly we speak the same language. I recommend turning your volume up as loud as you can take it. The English use phrases and idioms that are lost on American argot. The action is non stop and the movie never stops to catch its breath. There is lots of wry humor, the violence is so comical that it hardly ever causes one to take it seriously. Michael Caine does very well in a small role, but Firth steals this movie. The contrast between his mild appearance and his great violence evokes Steed from the old classic TV series The Avengers. Even amidst all the mayhem, Firth insists upon manners and protocol: kind of a violent Henry Higgins. I took two stars off for the requisite Progressive ideology that must be in every modern movie. You will spot it right away; you know, anyone who believes in God or morality is a racist Nazi. I always laugh at their intolerant tolerance. Evidently, nobody has had a logic class.

This flaw is found in almost every modern movie; try to ignore it and enjoy a rare action masterpiece worth owning. Eggie, while quite young, does an excellent job in the role. The action starts right at the beginning and does not stop until the end credits. A very surprisingly good movie. You may miss some of the English figures of speech but nothing that damages your understanding of the plot. It could be worse, with The Wind That Shakes The Barley, I had to turn the subtitles on. This is no way as bad as that or Layer Cake. An Excellent Movie.
Review of Kingsman
Please indulge my need to object the rating of "Kingsman".

My Objections to the movie:

1. The use of the word f***. It seemed to be on a marathon of how many times can they get that disgusting word into the time frame. It simply didn't let up! 2. It seems to promote the idea that all difficulties or challenges require a good drink of a quality liquor. Not what we want to promote with our 14 year old. 3. Success, promotes the idea that blatant sex is the reward. Come on…… with a 14 year old rating?

This movie draws the young generation. The content is disgusting language and inappropriate behavior. I am angry and willing to carry my complaint to anyone who will listen.
Not what I was expecting
I was expecting something in the way of a James Bond spoof having only seen a 30 second trailer, how wrong can you be. Instead I got a crazy, mad, violent, nutty and over the top film. It has a definite Britishness to it, it's a very smart looking production, very well acted, with some jaw dropping fight scenes, the visuals and production values are extremely high. The fights involving Sofia Boutella were just insane, she's particularly good. Some big casting, Colin Firth as always makes the perfect gentleman. It's Samuel L Jackson I particularly enjoyed, he was just so funny. Lots of violence, which if it's not your thing you should avoid. Overall, slick and very funny. The world is saved by a chav!! 7/10
Thumbs Down
They had me going with the trailer. An urbane man in a suit beating down a room full of goons. I should have considered that this isn't the first time we've seen 'suit violence', but not in a comic vein, so the juxtaposition occurred to me as something fun and new. Too bad this was just marketing. The film doesn't deliver much on its premise. A super -secret society of gentlemen spies, led by Michael Caine, has lost one of its members, and each remaining Kingsman is supposed to propose a new candidate to train for their ranks. There is something like a coming-of-age story for the main character, 'Eggsy', a young hoodlum mentored by Harry Hart (Colin Firth), who was serving with Eggsy's father when he died. The film focuses on younger characters, so it feels like a movie for young people. The violence is comic-book, and while some people do get sliced in half, the film seems to earn its R rating with language and crudity. The Bond films have always used tongue-in-cheek characters in serious plots, but this film is too ridiculous to be taken seriously when it wants to be.
Fun Stuff!!
Some of the reviews on here confuse me… I'll never understand how people walk into a rated R movie and then walk out whining about all the things that make it rated R. It's like intentionally holding your hand over a fire and then complaining that you got burnt.

Did the plot have holes? Yes… but I don't think I've seen a review on this site about any movie that didn't at least have one person saying a movie had plot holes. Was the movie violent with vulgar language and offensive topics? Yes… it better $%#%in be!! I paid for rated R.

Sometimes movies aren't made to win awards, make you think or be realistic. Sometimes mindless is good. Sometimes they're just made to be fun and the bottom line is… this movie is FUN!

If I had one complaint it's that much of the movie looks like it was filmed with 3D in mind but it wasn't released in 3D and that my friends… is a shame.
Stunningly UNDERWHELMING Stinkeroo
I really really wanted to like this movie. And, while it does have a few positive points, on the whole it was stunningly underwhelming. Don't waste your money on this stinkeroo.

Parents note: This is NOT the movie you want to take your children to see. It is one of the most graphically violent movies I can ever remember seeing. "Comic decapitations" are still decapitations. There is also a scene where a mother tries to murder her innocent toddler with a large ax. One of the characters is literally cut in half from top to bottom, and then shown in graphic detail awkwardly stapled back together.

A large part of these problems can be directly related to inept direction. Director Matthew Vaughn has no ability to reign in the more "Hammish" actors. Samuel L. Jackson pulls out all the stops - and basically ruins every scene he is in. Jackson's performance has to be the worst of his long career. It may well be one of the worst performances of the decade. His character was just stupid and incredibly offensive to so many people on so many different levels. He chose to speak with a cartoonish lisp which might suggest he is effeminate, or perhaps that he has a speech impediment - motivation is not an issue here - don't look for logic or rationality anywhere in this awkward movie.

Fans of Colin Firth, Jack Davenport, Mark Hamill, and Michael Caine will be very very disturbed by how these characters are treated.

On a positive note, Taron Egerton is a delight. He has enough skills to overcome the horrible direction and ham handed performances.
Killing is no fun if you make it look real
Again, unnecessary violent scenes in this movie made me sick. Avoid at all costs unless you are looking for a horror genre. Twisted by all means,stay away. Similar scenes were in Seven Psychopaths or for example in This Is the End.

I will remind you , This Is the End, Violence & Gore 8/10 , "A bloody, severed leg is visible. A woman's head is accidentally crushed by a fleeing party goer, with blood briefly shown spurting. Another person is impaled by a lamp-post, with massive amounts of blood spurting from his chest as he expresses bewilderment. Very graphic and gory. "

Or , Seven Psychopaths,Violence & Gore 8/10 , "A man drags a straight razor across his throat and we see the slit open and blood gushing from the wound."

And that should be labeled as comedy ? I would say no. Those scenes are not funny when done in such realistic way.

I will leave for you to check for yourself Motion Picture Rating for Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Eff-word laced, fist festival for British 10-year-old Boys.
You cannot convince me they are not paying people to give this terrible film high ratings on the internet. People gave it 10s??? It is unwatchable. I don't worry about foul language for the most part, but a lot of eff-words in a movie clearly targeted at 10-12 year-old boys is a bit much. It was just plain retarded from the get-go and the performances from the actors was not even remotely up to snuff. And I love Michael Caine, Mark Strong, and Colin Firth - I figured, "How can you go wrong?" I truly can't figure out who the audience is for this. Garbage. Total waste of $11 bucks. Wouldn't have even watched it free on the internet.
Total eclipse of the brain
When I see rating of 8.0 for this film, it seems to me that something is wrong with people today. 80% of 150,000 really liked this movie! I'm shocked, I'm confused, I have no words to describe my negative emotions about the level of the modern audience. This movie is boring, dumb and even dumber, jokes are stupid. It's kind of parody, but it fails to be a parody like "naked gun". Again, because the jokes are old and not funny. I even fail to see who is the target audience for this movie, because some jokes should be rated. If the target audience is an American brainless kid of 12, I can understand, but then I question the age of the reviewers here. To sum up, if you don't want to be disappointed, just give a miss to this terrible piece of movie making. This is my sincere advice. Shame on all good actors to participate in this bacchanalia, which I cannot call "movie".
This movie commits the unforgivable sin...
It's outrageously stupid. I have read all of the bad reviews currently posted for the Kingsman, and none of them hit the right mark. The movie is violent, raunchy, campy, sexist, racist, and vulgar. And that's all OK! But does it have to be so incredibly stupid? Honestly, does it? And why is the CGI so incredibly terrible. Last time I checked this is 2015, not 1985. I usually don't care too much for special effects, but there is a given level of competence which I expect a film to achieve, before it just becomes distracting. Kingsman has CGI on the level of a cheep SyFy channel special feature.

The acting on the part of the star, Taron Egerton, is terrible. Every time he is on the screen it makes you want to punch him in the face, especially every time he opens his mouth. Same is true about Samuel L. Jackson, who played Valentine. That entire performance felt like Samuel L. Jackson asked him self, "self, how would SNL pay this part, if they were trying to make fun of me?" Then he used his fertile imaginations, imagined it, and played it exactly like that. It's Samuel L. Jackson acting out a caricature of Samuel L. Jackson playing the role of Valentine. I think the man seriously is just screwing with us at this point.

Truly a terrible movie, not unlike the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, only with UK hoodlum playing the main role.
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