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Fight Club
USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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The first rule of Fight Club is to watch Fight Club!
I watched this movie along with District 9 on a long car ride. I approached both the same way I approached the 1986 version of The Fly: is this going to be so disgusting I'm going to barf ten minutes in? Luckily, like The Fly, both movies were incredible, and Fight Club was definitely the better of the two. The plot tells the story of an insomniac man (Edward Norton in his best role) who wants to improve his life. He gets that chance when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt in one of his best roles), an increasingly insane soap maker who creates the fight club of the title. Finishing off the terrific team is director David Fincher, whose work includes Se7en, The Game, and The Social Network. Without giving anything away, the 3/4 mark of the film gives us a MAJOR unexpected twist. After finishing the movie, I didn't know what to make of it. Five minutes later, I knew this film was a modern masterpiece that deserves its place at #10 on the top 250 list.
Brilliant Direction and Superb Acting
Fight Club is a brash slap in the face of consumerism and the working dead. It questions reality. It is strikingly thought provoking and visually stimulating. The direction is incredibly brilliant. Director David Fincher (Aliens, Se7en and The Game) is at his finest here warping both space and time, dropping in things here and there to make things clear. Edward Norton is excellent as Jack, the narrator of the movie. He is a nerdy insomniac who catalog shops at Ikea and has a going nowhere job. Brad Pitt is dynamic as Tyler Durden, an anarchistic man who lives in a run-down abandoned house and makes and sells soap for a living. Helen Bonham Carter is also great as Marla Singer, the manic-depressive chain-smoking woman in both their lives. Her role is critical and she plays it well.

There has been some controversy about the violence in this film but it is not gratuitous violence, it is part of the story and serves it well. It is much less than what you would see in your average Hollywood blockbuster. This is actually an insightful film and in many ways similar to American Beauty, although this film is much more in your face about it's message. If you are squeamish, you may not want to see it. There are some very painful bloody scenes, but if you can stomach it, then check it out. There is also a huge twist in this film that almost rivals the twist at the end of The Sixth Sense. And I must admit, it is the twist in this film that made me really love it. The best audience for this film is men in their 20's or 30's, but anyone that can appreciate film as a modern art should like it. One of the best films of 1999.
Hyped classic of emptiness
I was actually looking forward to watch this movie... but after watching it, I think it is a crazy ride to nowhere! Mixes chaos theory with organization and leadership, and then makes a U-turn to where it started - the inner struggles of an everyday man.

This movie literally tries to mean so much to so many people that I can't believe how anyone can feel connected to it. It uses violence as a show and simple chaos to amuse.

Is it worth watching? Sure as the acting is done brilliantly. Will it be remembered and revisited after some time? No, I don't think so...
Modern Take on the Film Noir
Fight Club is one of those movies that has to be watched several times to see all of the small allusions to the twist that comes at the end of the second act of the movie. While I have only seen the movie once so far, I think I will make it my mission at some in the future to find more of these small hints left by the director David Fincher. I had caught a few after the plot twist was revealed by remembering key details, but I feel there are more that I have missed.

Fight Club revolves around an unnamed narrator played by Edward Norton whose insomnia is affecting his life tremendously, to the point that he goes to different random support groups just to cry it out and get some much-needed sleep. However, after a woman named Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) starts going to the support groups too, the narrator is unable to get the sleep he needs again, to which point he meets a man named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) on an airplane. After the narrator's condo is blown up, he moves in with Tyler, eventually starting a "Fight Club" in the basement of a local bar where men emasculated by modern society can vent through beating each other up. After a while, the Club starts to commit acts of vandalism against capitalist and materialistic objects throughout the city. Eventually, the Club is taken over by Tyler, who turns it into Project Mayhem, which the narrator does not approve of. Tyler disappears, leading the narrator to follow him around the world where he keeps bumping into people part of Fight Club/Project Mayhem, where he realizes he is Tyler Durden, an alter ego created when he falls asleep from insomnia. Trying to stop "Tyler," who is going to blow up all of the financial institutions in the city, the narrator is unsuccessful and the movie ends with Marla (who plays a minor role as "Tyler's" love interest) and the narrator, now Tyler watching the explosions of the skyscrapers from a construction site.

One of the most interesting aspects about Fight Club is its relationship to much older "film noirs" of the 1940s. The lighting in the movie is an obvious example, with most of the movie in a high contrast state of the bright characters against a dark background. Most of the film takes place at night or indoors with minimal lighting coming from natural sources, the film is very expressionist in this regard. Fincher wants us, the audience, to see how the light looks, the contrasts, the rich blacks and grays, the muted colors of most of the cast, except for Tyler. The film is like this for the entire film, a dark, seedy underworld only exposed once the sun goes down and the artificial lighting humanity has created turns on. Shadows are engulfing, threatening to steal some of the characters from the scenes, disappearing from the film. Colors stand out in the film, Tyler's flamboyant clothing sticking out the most in the frame, almost popping out of the otherwise dark and muted movie. Every scene without Tyler is much drabber, the narrator's work is a good example of this, the extreme amount of white, gray, and brown in these scenes show how boring and mundane the narrator's life is without Tyler, the man who keeps the narrator entertained and on his toes.

Another aspect of Fight Club, also connected to film noirs is the anti-materialistic view the film has, along with the air of mystery connected to Tyler and Project Mayhem. Throughout the second and third acts, Fight Club/Project Mayhem has a very clear anti- materialist and capitalist stance, showing continued vandalism against expensive neighborhoods, billboards, store displays, commercial art, chain stores and restaurants, and financial institutions. The film ends with the destruction of several credit card and banking companies to drive this stance home. Film noirs of the 40's also took this stance most of the time, the victims and perpetrators almost always rich, trying to become rich, powerful, trying to become powerful, married, cheated, jealous, or some combination thereof. The acts of violence in those films always had some ulterior or revenge motive, they were not random. The detectives or protagonists of these films were disillusioned by these problems, immune to the trials and tribulations of the cases they were working. Additionally, the mystery aspect of both also is important to both Fight Club and film noirs. Fight Club's mystery is almost hidden from the audience until the end of the second act when Tyler disappears, the fact their is a mystery at all is not totally apparent, but there is one, with a multitude of clues along the way that lead to that conclusion. Film noirs also have mysteries, but they are usually much more straightforward and obvious in existence, most film noirs, if not all, are crime-based, the mystery of "whodunnit" the driving force behind the plot. Fight Club and film noirs are very similar movie types, with Fight Club being a more modern film noir.

Fight Club's mystery may not be apparent for a lot of the film, but when the movie is rewatched, a lot of elements early on clue into what the solution to the mystery is. Fight Club, a modern- day film noir brings the decades-old genre to a new generation of moviegoers, exposing them to the lighting style and ideas that the original film noirs had, with a more modern message and style.
Fight Club
great psychological game with a watcher's mind, well set and done movie plot, great story of a man's mental rise and fall, unusual love story, rebel awakening in viewers, outstanding acting, unexpected twist... This movie has it all. This is the rarest movie i have come across.this movie is my all time favorite and by all time I mean all time favorite. after watching Fight club i am a huge fan.When someone suggested this movie he told me do not watch any of its trailer or read any reviews, just watch it and this is what I would I suggest anyone who haven't watched this movie.
Its majesty Figh Club
I've read few 1 star rated comments of FC and I got amazed how people who dislike this movie enjoy trashing and insulting people that find it masterpiece... I didn't like it at all first time I've seen it and if I knew about IMDb then, I'll surely give it 2-3 stars. But when I've seen it for the second time (even if I wasn't keen of it, friend made me) – all bits and pieces came in their places and I've realized that this is the best movie ever made. Unlike most movies today, this one makes you think. You may enjoy it without being anarchist, whore, drug addict, uneducated, aggressive, neo Nazi and everything else that caring 1star givers classified us. It's their problem they want from movie to be linear, classical thriller, to have logical plot, believable characters etc. It's their problem that only conclusion they can come up with is that "this will make stupid people that are on the edge, to blow up buildings and deliver pain" or "it portrays sadistic violence, anarchy and terrorism in an appealing light and attempts to make it seem intelligent; instead of what it is insanity". If it isn't sad, it would be funny...

People can't make difference between satire and critics on the one side and glorification on the other side... Fight club is wonderful and poignant critics of the world today and 8.8 rating tells me that most of the people got it right. For all the others – too bad for you that you're not able to see it's excellence...
Fincher's half
I sat through the first half of this movie with my mouth open. It was so exciting, brilliant, a Fritz Lang for the new millennium. Edward Norton's face. That insomnia that he carries all over him is so magnificently drawn that creates the opposite effect on its audience. I was awake, very awake, sitting on the edge of my seat, devouring every moment, enjoying it like hell. Helena Bonham Carter was a like a great silent movie star doing her first talkie. Pola Negri, Theda Bara. As if this wan't enough, Brad Pitt, and Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt with all its fabulous connotations. Then, can you explain to me why I detested this movie? Why it made me so angry? Can you? I can only tell you that half way through I turned against the movie or the movie turned against me, either way I didn't like it. I felt cheated in the worse possible way. I felt treated like a moron. You start promising me the most unique film experience I've had in a long time but what you delivered was a tired, opportunistic, gimmicky, easy piece of nonsense. Why? David Fincher is one of the most consummated craftsmen American movies have ever had. Don't you agree? He can tell you a story, even something like "Seven", a horror thriller, in a way we've never seen before, at least half of it. He has an eye like no other. That's why my frustration. An artist like that putting himself at the service of something that's not done, not finished not worthy of his talents. You may think I'm being a bit too hard on the man. But let me tell you, it's out of love. I expect so much from him, I've seen what he is capable of. But so far have been only halves. Brilliantly acted, sensational to look at, but halves, just halves. He should look at Fritz Lang, Pietro Germi, Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Powell, William Wellman and naturally John Ford, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. Fincher already inherited something from each one of them. Now the trick is that it isn't a trick. Half is better than nothing. But in the grand scheme of things, it's not enough.
Self help to the extreme.
A dark comedy with a cult following. Director David Fincher takes Chuck Palaniuk's novel to maybe a harsher and dangerous place. Known only as The Narrator(Edward Norton)is a corporate employee that is no longer enchanted by his elaborate apartment and its expensive furnishings and pretty much disenfranchised from life itself and is concerned with his lack of ability to sleep. He attends self-help groups to relish in not being as miserable as the people surrounding him. He meets a suicidal Marla Singer(Helena Bonham Carter), but wants to distance himself from her. Life changing is his meeting with a soap salesman Tyler Durden(Brad Pitt), who is anarchy's poster child. Durden thrives on being a roguish rebel and convinces The Narrator into staging impromptu boxing matches in parking lots and deserted building basements. These matches are bare chested and with bare knuckles. The fighters beat the living crap out of each other until one yells stop. Durden is credited with starting fight clubs across the nation; and eventually turns the clubs into aggression laden pranksters releasing their malice on corporate America.

Brutal violence and strong language is to be expected along with some pretty graphic images. Also in the cast: Meat Loaf, David Andrews, Zach Grenier, Jared Leto and Eion Bailey.
with over 3,000 reviews, this movie does NOT need another
So why am I giving it one? Simple. I do not believe that it is worth all the hype it gets to this day. The film is loaded with problems, varying from one extreme to another, and fans of this favorite will gladly overlook these problems, or will be quick to defend it with their means of logic and common sense. Wonderful. The problems of the film that are apparent, are as follows, and certainly not limited to: 1. Overabundance of masculine energy! Sure, you know what you are getting yourself into when the movie is titled as so, but it cannot be denied that it is just "too much of a good thing." Sugar is great, but do you want your drink drowning in it? 2. Disturbingly violent. And I am used to violence in film. The manner in which it is displayed, however, makes a world of difference. The realism of the violence is there, and most of it seems needless. 3. No set direction for the story to go. The film, instead, relies heavily on layers of several "WTF" moments, one after the other. Some believe this is just part of the mystery, but I tend to disagree. 4. Not logical. Not logical at all. Which part? Any of it. Take a quick research look into mental illness, anti social behavior, not to mention the ungodly ending to this film. None of it adds up. So I did not come here to bash this work. Simply put, I believe it is over rated. Severely. I do get the point the movie tries to get across, he only fights one person in the entire movie. He fights himself. He cannot cope with the fact...how can I be all these people, and have all these jobs? It's because you don't sleep, you're all but one entity. As we are all. Was the ending real, or was that all made up in the insanity within himself? Many questions are asked, but we do not get the answers. The film just chooses not to deliver them. I do have some things that I love about Fight Club. The cinematography is excellent. And the movie is loaded to the brim with very intelligent quotes. "On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." Love that line! And yet, people still decide to waste their time watching TV. The casting was good, I thought it could do without Meat Loaf, but that's just my opinion. The story itself is a bit weak, almost too weak. The movie over extends itself past boundaries it should not surpass, and yet it is saved each time by another element that actually makes the film work. Weather it was by trial and error, or intended, does not matter, the film does work well with its components, each gear seems to turn another, and yet it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to master anything as a whole. Hidden away some place safe, is the emotional part to this movie. It does a good job hiding it away, preserving the "manly" feel of this all. I admit, I am more in touch with my feminine side, which is probably the reason why Fight Club does nothing for me. It cannot be denied that this film is just not worth the hype it has, and yet on the same token, it has earned it. I just want to point out this film bombed at the box office in 1999, and if you do not believe me, look at how much the budget is, and compare it to the gross. See? Lost a lot of money. I understand fully that this is a favorite among many, and I understand many may be seeing this a little more different then the way I am seeing it. Well. Now. That is why there's over 3,000 reviews, now isn't it?
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free Fight Club download, as 720p to download it in 1999, one of the first David Fincher Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf, Zach Grenier, Richmond Arquette, David Andrews, George Maguire, Eugenie Bondurant, Christina Cabot, Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston, Rachel Singer, Christie Cronenweth, Tim De Zarn, Ezra Buzzington from the movie director David Fincher 1999 Miami.