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Rudi Van Den Bossche
Aron Wade as Lode
R. Kan Albay as Friend
Daniel Vidovsky as Russische chauffeur
Goedele Liekens as Herself
Marijn De Valck as Gaston
Nicole Laurent as Claire
Ruud De Ridder as Pierre
Gert Verhulst as Himself
Storyline: Claire and Pierre are nice civilised, slightly elderly people, living in their nice pool-lined-villa in their nice neighbourhood. Claire is a lifelong housewife, Pierre is a fin-de-carrière insurance agent. All is well untill... the new neighbours arrive. Barely recovered from the move of their good friends and former neighbours (who have emigrated recently to the sunny paradise of Southern France) they now have to face their worst nightmare come true: Hilda and (Fran)çois, neighbours from hell. Unwanted visits, loud parties, a total lack in manners... 'Hell On Earth' gets a total different meaning. But things seem to look up: a wealthy realtor makes a very generous offer on their home. Pierre is eager to accept and head out for France himself but Claire, who deals with the whole situation remarkably well, says 'no' and stands her ground this once. End of story? Not quite. Pierre decides to go down with a fight. But it ain't over till it's over.
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