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Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars
Action, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Jarret Tarnol
Amy Smart as Jean Wonder
John D. Hickman as Emperor Purple Guy
Ramsey Anderson as Clowntrooper / Bodyguard
Jeff Rollins as Teller
Tony Cavalero as Beaverine
Shawn Michaels as Incredible Master Yoga
Simon Rex as Dark Jokester
Jeff Chase as Thorbacca
Stephen Rannazzisi as Superbat
Storyline: While trying to remain a good husband and father, Superbat and the Avengers of Justice come out of retirement to stop Dark Jokester and Lisp Luthor from freezing the planet.
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HQ DVD-rip 720x304 px 1352 Mb mpeg4 2155 Kbps avi Download
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