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21 Jump Street
Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Jonah Hill as Schmidt
Dax Flame as Zack
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs
Jake M. Johnson as Principal Dadier
Holly Robinson Peete as Officer Judy Hoffs
Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters
Brie Larson as Molly Tracey
Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon
Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
DeRay Davis as Domingo
Dave Franco as Eric Molson
Storyline: In high school, Schmidt ( ) was a dork and Jenko ( ) was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
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Just what I expected
21 Jump Street was just what I expected it to be. When I first heard about a comedy with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill I knew it would not be an excellent movie. It's exactly how I expected it to be, it was fun to watch some part of it- I admit it- but very bad in general. Seldom did I get interested in the plot, but the "comedy" part was OK, it wasn't brilliant, but laughable in a kind of good way. The plot was not just not interesting, but very poor, so do not expect the writers to come up with some major plot twist or anything that could confuse the audience because the only thing they do is putting some jokes to make it seems less bad. I wouldn't suggest you to watch it if you are looking for a good movie, but for a night with some friends it could be the perfect deal.
Non Stop Laughs From Start To Finish,
21 Jump Street is a brilliant movie with a well thought out story line,a fantastic cast and hilarious characters.It is extremely funny and if your humor is like mine,you'll be laughing from start to finish.Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are brilliant in this,I also liked Ice Cube,and I appreciated Johnny Depp's brief cameo as his character from the 21 Jump Street from the 90's.I definitely want to see a sequel to this movie as soon as possible.

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum),two new cops,are sent on an investigation to a high school to find and catch a drug ring occurring in the school.
21 jump street
where do i start this movie is better than any movie i have seen it has got the comedy that u will always remember it has got some cool as vines it is great for all the comedy people out there if i was u that wanted the best comedy movie it is this and it not just funny it has got action it too the scene were there taking down the bike gang and it got funny it too it too and then a movie wouldn't be a movie without drama cause when both of them split up and have that fight on stage cause Jonah is just doing that play for the girl but when she sore them having a fight up there it just created drama like all movie do i love this one i do not want to spoil anymore scenes so go watch it and u won't regret it u don't even have to watch the trailer to the movie.
disgusting unfunny filth
I'll make this short and sweet as I'm not even sure IMDb will allow me to post a review of what may be seen as a minority opinion.

Aside from being overall a waste of time and not funny, what really disgusted me is there are a ton of crude gay oral sex references in this film. Literally, it's as if the writers were paid on a 100% commission to insert as many explicit and implicit gay oral jokes or innuendo into the film as possible. The film projects the image that virtually most of the characters in the film harbor gay urges. I've noticed this self deprecating punch line is being inserted into quite a bit of comedies.

Spoilers: The scene towards the end where the one character has his privates shot off and then has to pick it up with his mouth because he is handcuffed is revolting, disgusting, not funny and should have never made it past the censors. In an earlier scene a character makes a crack about forcing another to wear a snorkel mask and that they will then defecate into it. This is not funny, it's disgusting and sophomoric at best.

In closing, Hollywood please stop with the disgusting bathroom humor and the relentless gay agenda. Also, knock it off with the fake reviews on here, there's no way this piece of garbage is a 7.6, me personally i would give it zero stars if i could,but i would bet without the fake reviews this would rate a 4.0 Same with that sleep inducing garbage from last year: "Drive".
Best comedy in a while
'21 Jump Street' is one of the funniest films released for at least two years. I didn't expect it to be so funny but it really surprised me.

The acting is really well done, Channing Tatum really surprised me, with a track record that includes 'Dear John' and 'The Vow' you wouldn't expect him to do so well. He should do a lot more comedy because he has changed my perception of him as an actor in this film. Both him and Jonah Hill work really well together and both perform great. Other actors in the film like Dave Franco and even Johnny Depp in his entire five minutes add a lot of comedy to the film.

The script is well-written. Some anti-cliché's like the title drop where the man mixes up the street name really do make everyone laugh simply because it isn't expected. The style of this film reminded me of 'Pineapple Express' (the last decent buddy-comedy I can think of) so if you enjoyed that film you will probably enjoy this. The believable initial plot which slowly becomes more and more hilarious and ridiculous is very like 'Pineapple Express' but both films should be considered different as '21 Jump Street' certainly doesn't copy it. It can be a bit predictable at some points but there are some scenes where you really don't know what's coming.

The film really does make everyone laugh at some points, Jonah Hill has written this script very well indeed. Overall, I would recommend this film if you really like comedies and have noticed the lack of decent comedy in cinema lately. It can be quite vulgar at some points, particularly at the end, but the entire film makes you laugh.It would be difficult for someone to not laugh at all whilst watching this film.
Quality film in terms of action, story and especially comedy.
So I just came back from watching "21 Jump Street" and was seriously impressed with not only how funny It was, (For the most part) but also how smart it was, in terms of understanding what young people are like today and how they put a spin on certain scenarios.

I'm assuming you already know the story as this review will most likely not be the first you read, so I will just skip to what I thought. Let me get one thing clear, skinny Jonah Hill is just as funny as fat Jonah Hill. Weight is not relevant to comedy unless it relies mostly on slapstick humour, which this film only has touches of. There were so many moments to pick from where I laughed, but by far the funniest scene Is Channing Tatum and Hill on drugs.

I was Impressed with how surprisingly good everyone acted in this, as generally a film packed with comedy has less focus on good acting. Obviously it's far from Oscar worthy, but I felt myself getting really involved In the film, unlike a comedy such as step brothers, which I saw more as a scenario for making joke after joke.

There are only a couple of minor things I have to say about this. The first being that the comedy falls a bit flatter during the final act. Don't get me wrong, I still laughed in places, but the pumping out of good jokes was much more consistent in the first half of the film. Nevertheless, still a hilarious film. The second thing was a few predictable clichés that I saw coming, but I can let that slide because most films these days have them.

Overall the best comedy I've seen so far this year. I certainly recommend it to anyone who Is a fan of the original "21 Jump Street", a fan of Jonah Hill and just generally a fan of good comedies.
one of the pleasant surprises of 2012 for a few reasons
A property like 21 Jump Street was something I didn't have many expectations for: I didn't watch the show (despite young Johnny Depp as the star), and the prospect of another buddy-cop comedy is not something that is an instant hit. You need fresh ideas and a good sense of humor about what you're working with. And yet there were a number of people who came in and made it a real surprise. Watching just the trailer you get a sense of the comic timing and approach of total who gives a s*** irreverence from Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (and Ice Cube as well as the guy heading up their plot), and that this is fully self-aware. Part of this comes from the actors, but it also comes from the directors Lord and Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was where they showed everyone they could do it, while The LEGO movie two years later cemented their reputations as the new great comedy directing team).

A lot of the jokes and lines and throw-away moments that just carry a lot of solid laughs come from the filmmakers trusting their actors to pull off some dumb jokes in smart ways, and visa-versa. I include Channing Tatum in this, and he surprised me the most in that before this movie I didn't think he was much of an actor (mostly from his dramas, where he just seemed weak or trying too hard). But in one year, between this movie and Magic Mike, he showed that he has real charm and screen presence, and knows how to find the way to play things both straight and funny when a dialog exchange is required. Of course here he's the more tough presence set against Jonah Hill, and yet there's plenty of jokes put at his expense that he plays like a... pro!

There's some set pieces that revel in the action, and it comes close to running out of steam in the last third (until it reveals a couple of big cameos that shouldn't be big surprises, but they're still actors that suddenly give a shot of adrenaline to the comedy and action in the climax). For long stretches though 21 Jump Street leaps so high above what this could have been as a generic remake of a popular TV show; it's like actual clever ideas and gags on display, and a lot of it comes down to behavior as well, whether it's the main two actors or with Ice Cube, or Brie Larson as one of the supporting women set at the high school, (or Dave Franco of course), and there's plenty of times where it comes down to the actors saying one thing or another and finding just the right moment to make something funny.

Not every single joke clicks, but so many do that 21 Jump Street makes the cop (undercover) comedy conceit fresh and fun. You see these guys just having pure fun with finding how to dig into what makes these clichés tic, and not simply with buddy/cop movies but just how buddies relate in a movie. It's got heart underneath when it takes a breath between things like stabbing Hill in the back at a party (no, don't worry, it's in the trailer, and it's as awesome as it seems).
Few laughs in this 'Animal House meets Lethal Weapon' misfire
Despite all the hype, I'm sad to report that 21 Jump Street, the new action comedy based on the 1987 TV series, just isn't very funny. My problem with it, is that Jonah Hill's 'Morton Schmidt' and Channing Tatum's 'Greg Jenko' are so over the top as cops, that you cannot take most of it very seriously at all.

For example, when Jenko can't remember his Miranda warnings, or even worse, when Jenko fires his gun in the park, after tackling a bad guy, these type of things would probably lead to immediate dismissal from the force in real life. And what about, after being expressly prohibited from serving alcohol to minors, the bumbling duo go ahead and serve up drinks at the 'undercover' party, anyway?; not to mention the confiscated marijuana they take from the police property room place, without authorization.

The joke is supposed to be that in reality Schmidt and Jenko are really glorified fraternity members, who just happen to have jobs as police officers. Where I could definitely buy a bunch of 'loose cannon' fraternity members in a film like 'Animal House', where one demented group is pitted against a 'straight' one, it doesn't really work in the police setting, since as stated above, improprieties are simply not tolerated.

While a good deal of the humor of '21 Jump Street' is juvenile in nature, on one occasion it veers into the area of being quite vile. This is near film's end when the bad guy is castrated and somehow, we're ask to laugh when viewing the scene of his detached member. No it's not funny and I hope word gets around that this is the kind of gross 'humor', Hill and his fellow scenarists are trying to peddle.

No need to recount all the details of the plot. Suffice it to say, that Schmidt and Jenko are on a mission to take down assorted bad guys who have been selling a new 'designer drug' in the school. It's your typical buddy movie where Schmidt is the nerd with a brain who can help the intellectually challenged Jenko, and Jenko is the jock with a powerhouse punch who can bring the socially inept Schmidt, out of his shell.

Actually, it's the bad guys, who really keep the story moving along. There's 'Eric', the eco-friendly big man on campus who moonlights as a drug dealer, and his supplier, Mr. Walters, a physical education teacher, whose goofy demeanor masks a huge anger management problem. To top it off, an assorted bunch of nasties, consisting of bikers and gang members, led by the menacing 'Domingo', lend an air of verisimilitude, not found in the antics of the principals, Jenko and Schmidt.

Occasionally, there are a few amusing bits in '21 Jump' including trucks filled with gasoline that fail to explode as well as some funny hallucinations which we get to see, when the protagonists are forced to take drugs in order not to blow their cover. But on the whole, Jonah Hill and co-writer Michael Bacall's frat-boy humor, lacks subtlety and relies on low-level slapstick routines, to get by. At this point, America is so desperate for something humorous in the movies these days, that a mediocre exercise such as this, is hailed as a comic masterpiece!
Not Too Bad
I don't like either of the actors in this movie. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are not actors that appeal to me. I wasn't a big fan of the original 21 jump street although I am thankful for it because it helped launch the career of the beautiful Holly Robinson Peete.

In this movie two young looking cops are placed on an undercover detail as high school students. Their objective is to infiltrate a drug gang and find the source. It's a buddy movie with unlikely buddies, the chubby dorky character and the muscular handsome character become friends despite their differences, and in fact their differences complement each other.

In one scene is the obligatory awesome partaaaaay that is in every high school movie. I don't remember parties like that when I was in high school, but then again hey if they made movies about my normal high school experience, no one would come to see them. But I digress. It's a fun movie. The characters have some unexpected hi jinx and of course what would a cop movie be without the sergeant yelling at them constantly and at one point they actually got kicked off the force. I think that's a requirement for every cop movie.

I didn't find it to be a great movie. But if you're sick and home alone with nothing else to do like I was, then this movie can help an hour and a half pass.
Only laughter
I am not a huge fan of over-the-top comedies like these, but the movie was recommended to me by some friends, who added that it was the funniest movie they had seen in years. After this statement i was persuaded.

The start of the movie was way too quick. You saw a glimpse of the high-school lives of the two main characters, who were the opposite of each other(the geek and the cool kid), and before you knew it they were cops and, most surprising, good friends. I could live with the fact that these are no in depth characters, because I did't had any expectations of a good thought-out storyline. I laughed several times, but mostly about jokes which had nothing to do with the story. And all those jokes were not part of a composite. Laughing was therefore the only emotional expression that occurred to me while watching the film. I find it very hard to see other aspects of this film worthwhile to discuss in a review. The movie's only purpose is to make people laugh and it succeeded on my case.

That's why my vote is only based on the moments I laughed out loud: six times
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free 21 Jump Street download, as 720p to download it in 2012, one of the first Phil Lord, Chris Miller Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Jonah Hill, Dax Flame, Nick Offerman , Ellie Kemper, Jake M. Johnson, Holly Robinson Peete, Johnny Pemberton, Rob Riggle, Brie Larson, Channing Tatum, Chris Parnell, Ice Cube, DeRay Davis, Dave Franco, Stanley Wong from the movie director Phil Lord, Chris Miller 2012 Miami.